As I’ve mentioned in more than one post, I enjoy touring Data Centers.  One detail I pay attention to during these visits is signage.

Are patch panels and structured cabling labeled, so it’s easy to trace connections between devices? Is electrical circuit information provided at each cabinet location, so power feeds can be quickly identified? Do alarms (fire and otherwise) have instructions nearby, telling visitors what their various audio tones and light patterns mean? 

In short, is it clear at-a-glance how various Data Center infrastructure functions and what to do in an emergency? 

(My interest in signage is probably no surprise to anyone who has chatted with me about Data Center best practices. I devoted an entire 23-page chapter of my first Data Center book to the topic.) 

Click below for discussion of one particular sign that is likely posted in your Data Center electrical and mechanical rooms to warn you about potential hazards, but isn’t always readily understood.