After too long, business is becoming more immediate and visual.

Think of it this way – a couple of thousand years ago business was often done in a market place or trading post, face to face in person. Technology meant supply lines and trade was able to extend geographically so business had to be conducted in part, with asynchronous delayed communication by post and then the telegraph.

Then in the last century real time communication was introduced that could reach as far as our global business. The telephone gives us an audio channel to work anywhere with a sense of immediacy but lacking the richness of seeing the other people.

In the last decade we have closed the gap, enabling people to conduct business globally, in real time with voice and video to see and hear the people they are doing business with. Now we can, yet again conduct business face to face everywhere that the global market takes our business. Communication has caught up to the distance and speed of business and set the stage for a powerful and pervasive collaboration culture.

In my most recent Inside Cisco IT webinar I spoke about enabling the collaboration culture. The webinar provides a technical taster of how Cisco IT is powering the collaboration platform for its employees. The talk focuses on video conferencing for mobile and remote workers using a VPN-less solution to deliver a simple, seamless video collaboration experience for the user. I will continue exploring this theme from both a technical and people perspective to illustrate the business benefit in today’s global market place.

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