The My Paid Time Off (My PTO) application helps Cisco employees to refresh and recharge away from the office. It connects them to the People Deal. It empowers them to simplify their work experience in order to get out and have a worldly experience.

In 2016, the My PTO tool took a journey like the Cisco employees who use it. It has transformed into a centralized location to manage and submit time off, all while supporting a user base from 26 countries. Not only does it support PTO on top of other time off types, as of this year users can submit Time2Give to engage in the community by volunteering.

My PTO offers many other benefits to its users as well. The time to submit PTO is reduced by 80% on average when compared with HRMS. A more efficient process lets users get back to their priorities for the day. With three clicks a user can submit their PTO and hurry off to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Additionally, users can access the tool both on and off the Cisco intranet. This offers total flexibility to, for example, submit more PTO while relaxing on that beach in Hawaii.

Keeping the My PTO users as the central focus, all feedback provided about the tool is carefully considered and prioritized. Every new capability is influenced directly from what the users want. One of the newer features available in the US and UK, Available Balance, provides an easier way to plan ahead for PTO. Instead of waiting until PTO is taken, the user can see her actual balance in real time.

The My PTO journey is not over yet. Updates are continuously made to ensure My PTO champions simplicity and efficiency. Join the journey by visiting My PTO and providing your feedback on where the tool should go next.