It’s been one month since our big Cisco Live! Event in Cancun. We can’t stop thinking of all the amazing people we had the privilege of meeting including many of our Cisco partners and customers. Throughout the week we interacted and interviewed many individuals from across Latin America. What a great opportunity this was!

Everyone we talked to shared his or her enthusiasm and hopes for the digital future.

A few highlights from the interviews:

Are you ready for the digital era?

“I don’t thinks so! There’s still so much to learn but that’s why I am here [at IT Management Program], I want to learn, and I want to discover what new technologies Cisco is offering.”

What are you most excited for?

“I am excited to go back home, and share everything I’ve learned with my boss so that we can start implementing some of these [Cisco] technologies.”

“We are going to join the developments and proposals that Cisco brings. We are preparing ourselves with a group of engineers so that we can be part of this great change that Cisco is driving.”

As you can see from the highlights, our customers look to our leaders for guidance.

We had a blast running around interviewing customers, editing videos, taking photos, and attending sessions. It is amazing how fun work can be when you have a focused and positive team.  Our CIO, Guillermo Diaz, presented the opening keynote on digitization in front of the five thousand attendees.

G Cancun Keynote edit

Plamen Nedeltchev, IT IoE Lead Architect, advised that we are on the cusp of the third industrial revolution, a digital revolution. We shook hands with and listened to customers from Peru, Chile, Mexico, and more. We ran the inaugural Cisco Live! 5K at sunrise with hundreds of customers and colleagues.

Cisco 5K Team

At the end of the week instead of soaking up the sun on the beach we got to experience a torrential tropical storm. It was a special week full of “Wow! I can’t believe I get to be here!” moments.

The IT Management Program delivered and exceeded expectations for us and our customers this year in Cancun.

-The IT Management Millennial Team

Mark Rogers, Nathalia Perez, and Bryant Ligon