So it looks like we finally made it through the Cisco Live Cancún 2015 experience! Oh yes we did. And it all happened by the warm turquoise Caribbean waters. And again all our Cisco IT teams delivered a stellar performance!

On one side the IT management team set the stage on fire, with Guillermo, Lance, Katty, Plamen, John, Illeana as the main fire-starters. Lots of passionate and engaging IT management sessions delivered to a massive audience composed by partners and customers from all over Latin America. Pure IT Salsa dancing with more than 5000 registered attendees!

Of course we can’t forget the amazing break-out sessions, the Devnet labs, the extraordinary Millennial team, the keynote sessions, but, above all, I have to emphasize the outstanding work delivered by the Cisco IT booth teams at the World of Solutions venue: Listening directly to our customers voice on the ground, engaging with demos, showing a relentless enthusiasm down on the ground. Hats off for the entire booth crew! Security, Collaboration and IoE Smart Spaces, we are certain that some of those 350+ interactions we had with customers will have a direct impact on sales sooner or later!

Specifically on the Smart Spaces demo I was personally impressed by the number of education related customers from Mexico and other LATAM countries that showed interest in our Cisco Maps solution: from schools and universities to government related institutions, many IT leaders in the sector saw the immense value that Cisco Maps could provide to manage class related resources, especially when there are multiple buildings and campuses spread across their countries. Their eyes went wide open when they saw how easily you can book conference rooms, map and find resources and integrate with Cisco collaboration tools by using our Cisco Maps service. That is some serious food for thought for the sales team!

On the other hand those customers involved in retail showed a tremendous eagerness for our Location Services and CMX technologies. They can barely wait to have a Wireless solution that helps them track and analyze their clients behavior patterns on real-time !