Data Center Day 2016 was an experience I won’t soon forget. With all the planning and preparation put into place leading up to the event, I knew it was going to go off without a hitch. What I didn’t quite know was exactly what value I’d find in my three short days in Allen. Between the team dinners, networking events, presentations, demos, tours, and everything in between, I found three takeaways to be truly invaluable…

First were the relationships built and strengthened in my far from lone time in Texas. Walking into the hotel lobby Monday morning felt too familiar – as if I had just gotten up from my desk and wandered into a Cisco break room. The guests pouring out of the elevator, drinking coffee in the café, and chatting around the hotel entrance were people I’d built relationships with over the course of my time at Cisco. Whether they were teammates I talk to on a regular basis, colleagues with whom I’d briefly chatted via WebEx, or the few I’d yet had the opportunity to put a face to the name – I was surrounded by Cisco family. Having the chance to meet colleagues from near and far face-to-face is something I will cherish until we meet again.

Next were the customer interactions. Each and every one of our wide array of speakers had the customers on the edge of their seats. Their attentiveness and curiosity made one thing very clear to me – companies look to Cisco when they are faced with IT challenges. They want to know what we we’ve been through and how we continue to come out on top time after time. I’m proud to have been a part of Data Center Day V, where our sole focus was in strengthening these relationships with our peer companies.

And finally, that I work for a technology powerhouse. Cisco is taking the industry by storm with our Cloud, Tetration, and ACI offerings. Our Data Center, Digitization, and Security strategies show that we’re not only keeping up with the fast pace of change in this never halting industry, we’re setting that pace as technology trailblazers.

So, many thanks,

– to my friends, local and virtual, new and old, for the good times and wonderful memories,

– to our customers for allowing us the opportunity to learn from you and share with you,

– and to Cisco for being the best place to work!

Check out these highlights and more in our Data Center Day Allen 2016 Recap and Customer Conversation videos and photos from the event below.

(Video and voiceover by Sam McGuinn)

(Video by Krishna Velury)


Event photos can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskJtCkm1