Cisco IT leaders recognized in early 2013 that employees were having amazing interactions with the devices and software they were using outside of work. Technologies like the iPhone, the iPad, and Gmail were rapidly becoming integral to their lives. Meanwhile, the tools and technologies that they used for work were not providing the same experience—and were even undermining their productivity.

Page load time, dead links, and hard-to-access websites were common issues. However, even though these problems were well-known, it was difficult for Service Owners to prioritize which ones to fix first. In addition, end-user feedback was spread across disjointed silos, including Clueless, IT Flame, Remedy, and Vovici.

To help Service Owners resolve these issues, Cisco introduced InTouch—an easy-to-use, centralized IT feedback tool for all Cisco services. InTouch encourages real-time feedback through a responsive web interface and a stand-alone widget, which services can embed directly into a user’s workflow. The tool provides:

  • Data analytics and automated insights to support quick and more effective decision-making by Service Owners.
  • The ability for Service Owners to “close the feedback loop” and reassure users that feedback is being heard and acted on.
  • A way for IT leaders to compare services.

After the first release in 2013, users have left over 7000 pieces of feedback across more than 70 services at Cisco. This feedback has had a positive impact on users across the globe. Services such as Laptops and Desktops, Click to Chat, One Search, and MyPTO continue to apply this valuable feedback to provide excellent user experiences across web and mobile platforms.

InTouch is helping to make Cisco’s workforce more productive, modern, and agile. The tool also continues to help Cisco realize significant savings by providing IT Service Owners insight into how to improve usability of their services, solve end-user grievances, and enhance the IT-employee relationship.