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In July, a team of five early in careers represented new hires at Cisco Live, Las Vegas as the IT Millennial Team. Coming from different places around the world, the IT Millennial team supported the Cisco IT Management Track during the event. From video production to interviewing customers, the team learned many life lessons that they took back to their daily jobs. These are their takeaways from Cisco Live:  

“It was an amazing time working with the other Millennials and engaging with the Cisco on Cisco team. We worked a lot of late nights, and it was all worth it because of the lasting relationships we built. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!

I’m coming away from this with a more holistic understanding of our portfolio of products, where the industry will be taking us over the next couple years, and how what we create enables other businesses and enterprises. Being around customers and hearing their thoughts about Cisco and our products made me realize how critical it is we stay competitive, ahead of key market transitions, to ensure success for Cisco and all our partners and customers.”

-Chris DeMaio, Business Analyst, Engineering IT-Acquisition Integration (San Jose, CA)

“I had a great time at Cisco Live learning about all of Cisco’s upcoming initiatives and newtechnology. It was awesome meeting and working with our external customers who we don’t get the chance to talk to on a normal basis in IT.  I really valued hearing about their perspective of Cisco and our products. It was such a rewarding experience being on the Millennial Team at Cisco Live Las Vegas!”

-Amy, Business Analyst, Cisco Content Services-IT (RTP, NC)

“I had a great time at Cisco Live working with the IT Millennial Team. All of our personalities clicked and the way we worked and interacted was like a well oiled machine. Everyone worked towards the same goal and we had the same level of understanding and commitment which made us successful. 

It was interesting to hear customer’s talk about Cisco products and the impact our day to day jobs have on making their company successful. Bringing this perspective back to San Jose really fueled a different type of drive and energy that I applied to my every day work and shared with my team. “

-Sabina Chaudhuri, Business Analyst, IT Global Infrastructure-Business Strategy (San Jose, CA)

“I had a blast at Cisco Live Las Vegas 2016, the two key takeaways for me are the passion and customer loyalty Cisco has as a company as well as their products and services. Secondly the insight from our executives on what they think the leading initiatives are currently at Cisco and in Cisco’s future.”

-Nick Janes, Network Engineer, IT Network Infrastructure Delivery and Operations Data Center (RTP, NC)

“Cisco Live Las Vegas 2016 has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at Cisco. Throughout the conference, I was able to gain insight and obtain on the comments, concerns and questions that customers as well as internal employees had for the Executive Leadership Team. This gave everyone an idea of where Cisco is going and how Cisco is going to get there. The conference provided content and context we were all able to take back with us and apply to our daily jobs. However the thing that I was surprised to see was the passion each Cisco employee had while working and participating in the event. From the millennial team working hours into the night to presenters that took the time to represent their organization in the break out sessions, everyone spoke and acted with passion and professionalism to create a great Cisco Live.”

– Stephen, Business Analyst, IT Business Operations-Continuous Delivery

When we first arrived, we thought we had a clear idea of what to expect at Cisco Live. When we got there, it was much greater than that and we learned an incredible amount. All in all, it is apparent from all the team members that everyone had an amazing time! Thank you Cisco IT and best of luck for future events! 

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