Cisco Live is a yearly event where customers and partners come together to experience Cisco technology and interact with experts to learn how to take the next steps for their company. In the IT Management track, we, as part of the IT Millennial Program, had the unique opportunity to tell Cisco IT’s story to hundreds of those attendees throughout the week.

John’s Final Opening Keynote
The environment was epic. There was a live band, OK Go, and John received a deafening standing ovation. John was bursting with excitement for our future with the Internet of Everything. We laughed at the entertaining retail demos and John passed the baton to Chuck through a warm conversation. We left the keynote in admiration of how John has truly changed the world and inspired to continue changing the world at Cisco.”

Q&A with John
John came specifically to our IT Management program for a Q&A. We had the honor of creating a tribute video, which was shown after he was introduced. His presence transfixed the entire room. Being a mic runner for John is no easy task because you never know what he will do or where he will dart next. After the keynote, we took a picture with John and were able chat with him and sincerely thank him for his leadership as he walked to his next event.


Event Recap
While at Cisco Live, it was our responsibility to keep the energy and participation up. Each day the ITM sessions opened up with an engaging video featuring customers, partners, and Cisco employees. We created 5 videos throughout the week covering a multitude of topics.

Day one featured an introduction video to pump everyone up for the amazing week to come. It gave a brief overview of some of the topics to be covered, such as, ACI, Collaboration, and Fast IT.

Day two included a special tribute video for the one and only John Chambers. Cisco employees, customers, and partners explained how John has personally inspired them and shared fond memories of his history as CEO.

Day three’s video summarized Tuesday’s sessions and gave individuals a chance to discuss major topics introduced, such as ACI and IoE. Some people even created clever phrases for what ACI should stand for. Apple Cheese Integration anyone?

The customer appreciation event to end day three was awesome! We got to see attendees let loose and enjoy themselves as Aerosmith rocked the house at Petco Park. From singing along to “Dream On” to the crowd flinging their fedoras in the air after the last song, this year’s customer appreciation event was truly something to remember.

Day four was jam-packed with inspiring speakers and two motivational videos. The opening video for the day consisted of attendees explaining what attributes make a great leader. As the day came to an end, the closing video was shown. Clips from throughout the week were combined with a few inspirational words from Lance and G to take us out with a bang!

A full house was present for Mike Rowe’s closing keynote. Mike first captivated the audience by sharing a very detailed and comical story that took place in the sewers of San Francisco, which inspired Mike’s show “Dirty Jobs,” a show that aims to highlight jobs that make civilized life possible. Mike then went on to explain a bit about his foundation, Mike Rowe Works, as well as his thoughts around societies disconnect between our food, energy, work and education. Ultimately, we need to fundamentally change our relationship with work. We should no longer follow the 70’s PR campaign of “Work Smart, Not Hard.” Instead we should promote working smart AND hard.  Mike Rowe’s words left the audience motivated to reconnect with things that matter.

Our Team’s Takeaways
Cisco enables everyone to succeed. We asked a customer why he chose Cisco and he said that as a new business in the education industry, Cisco gives him instant credibility and a foundation of trust with potential clients. That is the power of Cisco.

Cisco has an amazing ability to understand its customer’s wants and needs and produce viable products before the customer even realizes the necessity. It is because of Cisco’s focus on maintaining relationships that we are able to work together to change the way we work, live, play, and learn.