Participating in this year’s Cisco Live 2017 in Berlin, Germany brought many interesting sights and scenes front and center for our customers and partners regarding the disruption and innovation happening within our industry. Witnessing the reception of 12,000 attendees from over 105 countries, this sprawling technology showcase delivered an opera to the eyes with a seminal display of technology for all tastes, interests, and persuasions.

Outside of the plethora of 700+ learning and development sessions, the IT Management (ITM) Program witnessed 14 speakers, 18 technical breakout sessions and 14 booth demo specialists on hand to convey the latest and greatest in technological innovation.

Being a part of the ITM Program proved to be quite a humbling and rewarding experience. Having the opportunity to engage with our IT centered customers and partners provided valuable insights into the differing approaches and opinions on topics such as “Disruption” and “Digitization,” and how these impact broader enterprise business outcomes. Having such intimate access to our customers reinforced how much they look to Cisco for confirmation on the right direction to steer their enterprise whilst navigating the inherent caveats seen within current IT trends and market transitions.

As part of the IT Management Program, the Millennial team were tasked with collecting diverse video footage from the various technology areas lined throughout the event. This opportunity allowed Iman, Harry, Laura and myself to conduct short interviews with a multitude of attendees. We gained valuable insights into their thoughts and feelings around the technologies crucial to the digitization of their workflows to become more competitive in the marketplace. This footage was collected over the course of each day and compiled into short videos that were played each morning addressing the daily themes of the ITM Program. These videos distilled and encapsulated the many beautiful cultural sites in and around Berlin along with the interviews and technology activities taking place throughout the event. Below you will find our final video that was shown at the closing of the ITM Program.



One intriguing aspect of CLEUR 2017 is the sheer amount of information available to learn. Whether it be through keynote speeches from thought leaders, pragmatic automation workshops via DevNet, speaking with executives and techies on the future of business, or the many breakout sessions; the amount of information available is staggering. Witnessing the trust and enthusiasm that our many customers and partners hold for us is truly humbling.

You have heard enough from me, let’s hear from the rest of the team!

“The week was a blast! It was an amazing opportunity where I was able to grow and develop a number of new skills. I really enjoyed interacting with customers and learning how Cisco is impacting businesses. I also really enjoyed Ruba’s opening keynote, it was a fully immersive experience and left me inspired. Overall the week was a great success for the ITM Millennial track and I am so grateful to be a part of it.” – Laura Waller

“Such a fantastic week. Having this bird’s eye view of Cisco and our partners’ latest advances gave me incredible insight into how they work together and collectively make a difference. I also had such a great time connecting with people all over the industry – from deep-dives into their area of expertise to casual/fun chats! The energy there was truly inspiring and empowering – I’m glad we got to take some of that back into our day jobs.” – Iman Diarra

“Spending a week in the shoes of a video team was incredibly rewarding. I can’t believe how many new skills I gained across organising, recording, and editing video footage. What a huge advantage to gather these experiences in both a beautiful city and the presence of so many amazing minds and technologies. My Cisco Live highlight has to be testing our technologies in the DevNet sandbox. I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone that supported, participated, and enabled us to create the videos – we couldn’t have done it without you!” – Harry Jones