Please see our short video showing only a tiny part of our great experience at Cisco Live Berlin 2016. We had an amazing week in Germany, meeting inspirational people from inside and outside of Cisco.

A message from each of the millennials…

Joe Burrows: One of my key takeaways from the week was the theme of digitisation and how its notion is affecting companies, regardless of the industry they are in. Yet above all, from speaking to customers, the event gave me an appreciation for just how big Cisco truly is and how our customers regard us in the market. From learning about some of the wide range of products and solutions we provide our customers, I gained a greater understanding of how Cisco can impact our customers and help them navigate through the ever-changing technology landscape. Being someone who is still early in their career, this experience and exposure to so many Cisco colleagues from different parts of IT was invaluable and allowed me to not only grow my network, but see a completely different side to the Cisco I see in my everyday role.

Craig Humby: This opportunity gave me an invaluable and unique chance to network and socialise with Cisco peers and colleagues, some of whom I had not met prior to Cisco Live. It was great to watch and be inspired by many of the presenters on the IT Management program, in particular those also from Bedfont Lakes who I had not previously seen up on the stage. I came away from the event reinvigorated from the high energy and passion of customers and colleague’s alike and reminded how fortunate I am to be at Cisco.

Elizabeth Langley-Jones: My main takeaway from our wonderful week in Berlin was how lucky I am to be part of such a large global company. After spending time looking around the venue it really hit me how huge Cisco really is. My team are UK based, so experiencing the global side of Cisco was completely new to me. I loved every minute of the event, from interviewing attendees, to spending time networking with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Listening to presentations from people inside and outside of Cisco was another great part of my time spent in Germany. Ruba Borno’s talk on digitization was a personal favourite, I loved learning about the sheer quantity of data that is available to us. Overall my experience was unforgettable, and I was incredibly lucky to be a part of Cisco Live 2016.

Adeline Owen: Wow…what a week! After all the preparation, excitement and the thrill of interacting with colleagues and customers – I’m so sad to say that Cisco Live Berlin is over. I was totally blown away by everything, from the size of the venue, to the speakers and how intently the customers listened to what Cisco IT had to say! My favourite speakers were Ruba Borno and Greg Moon, both for very different reasons. I’m an employee based in EMEAR with the majority of my team in the U.S. so it was so interesting to hear a manager’s perspective of managing a global team “listen & rephrase, ask & verify’ are the words that particularly stuck with me. Similarly Ruba did an amazing job, her stage presence captivated the audience as she explained how we can use technology to improve lives and inspire people around the world.

We want to thank everyone who was part of our amazing Cisco Live experience.

The Cisco Live 2016 Millennial Team.