Just under two weeks since the event and I keep having flashbacks of what an great week it was for all..

With 10,000 people on-site this was a larger event than my previous experiences at Cisco Live Milan providing even more opportunities for customers, partners and Cisco employees. My time on the Cisco on Cisco Booth gave me the perfect chance to share Cisco IT’s experiences from our Collaboration Service to all who were interested. It was amazing to see the range and depth of our customers and market segments and how much Cisco IT knowledge could help them go on to deliver their business commitments.

Intelligent Proximity and Mobile Remote Access were two Collaboration demos which were of interest to the majority of our booth visitors likewise with the Application Centric Infrastructure,  Security and Internet of Things showcases. In addition to this, it was great to see that everyone was loving our Rubik’s cube give-aways and a “who can solve it the fastest” competition sprung up with many taking part. It was won with an intensely impressive time of 1 min 37 seconds (I had admittedly been trying the entire week to no success)

My personal takeaway on the main themes running throughout the event and the World of Solutions tied back to big data, automation and digitization particularly how essential it is that we all adopt this way of executing throughout the near future.

Berlin, it was a pleasure. Your beer, food and entertainment was excellent!