In this series of whiteboard videos, we’re going to look at how Cisco IT is using Tetration Analytics so far. We’ll give an overview of Tetration and explain how it’s helped us take on telemetry and compliance challenges. Earlier this year, Cisco IT completed our initial implementation of Tetration Analytics in collaboration with INSBU. Since then, it’s really sped up our Application Centric Infrastructure migration.

People often mused that this solution is like turning the lights on in the data center. Physically speaking, data centers are quite bright, but it’s in the application layer where we lose all sight. It’s been difficult for us to map out dependencies across more than 4000 of our production applications—to understand where they are, what they do, and who they talk to. For us, Tetration means transparency. It allows nothing to hide even if it occurred in the past. Much like a security camera record history or a social media timeline, we can scroll months back in time to replay events or see what we missed. And, we’re not just reviewing the past, we’re able to test out “What if?” scenarios to see how new policies would potentially affect our applications in the future.

Now let’s get to whiteboard and see what we can draw from all of this new information.

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