As a sales team manager, I need to be available by phone or instant messaging (IM) in multiple places every day. So it’s no surprise to find me using the new Cisco Jabber for iPad client while I’m traveling because it provides the IM, voice calling, presence, messaging, and video calling capabilities that are exactly what I need to stay connected with my team, customers, partners, and colleagues.

When I’m in the office, working from my Cisco laptop, my Cisco 9971 desk phone, and Cisco TelePresence EX 90 desktop video endpoint – I have full-featured communications and application access. But when I’m out of the office, I can use the Single Number Reach (SNR) feature to move transparently to the Jabber client, which means people can dial a single number to reach me on both endpoints simultaneously while also making it easy for me to receive calls and messages wherever I go.

T.J. Hyne, one of my consulting system engineers, shares how he used the Cisco Jabber for iPad client to connect remote participants into a video call during a customer meeting, over the customer’s wireless network. The ease of the video call was an unexpected surprise for the customer, and it helped to illustrate the value of video for meaningful communication in real-time.


Many customers who see our Cisco Jabber for iPad client for the first time immediately understand the value of the easy access to integrated calling features. In particular, Jabber lets customers bring video calls to more users, whether they are using their own tablet or one that is owned by the enterprise. This provides customers the opportunity to focus their investments in room-based and desktop video systems where they will be most effective.

Based on our experience within Cisco, users will readily adapt the Jabber for iPad client and seamlessly make it a routine part of their day. A survey of internal users on the Advanced Cisco Experience (ACE) Network, conducted shortly after the client was released, indicated that 50 percent of respondents use the Jabber client daily and another 12 percent use the client hourly.

The iPad and Jabber client combination is personally valuable when I am traveling because it allows me to connect with my family over a video call. Even my kids can see the difference in the high-definition call of Jabber compared to other Internet calling services. And with the simplicity of a single touch and single number to dial on the iPad at home, I don’t need to talk my family through the steps for connecting our call.

Because it provides all the features that help me stay in touch, it’s easy to see why the Cisco Jabber for iPad client means my iPad is often the only device I take with me when I leave the office.

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