Two things I greatly enjoy about working in and around Data Centers are that so many different technologies converge within them and that those technologies are constantly evolving.  There’s always something new to explore.

It’s no surprise then that Data Center Deconstructed ping-ponged among several topics in 2012, from choosing a site to relocating servers to incorporating alternative energy, and more.  I even tried my hand at blogging in real-time, posting live from the annual Technology Convergence Conference.

Here’s are the Data Center Deconstructed topics that received the most attention this year.  Check out any you’ve missed:

  • Our most viewed post for 2012, This Old Data Center, highlights a legacy Data Center at Cisco headquarters and discusses how the room’s design has evolved over time.
  • Also popular was Location, Location, Data Center Location that talks about Data Center site selection criteria.  (Early preview:  natural disasters bad, inexpensive power good.)
  • Compelling images of 18 amazing server environments and in-depth interviews with the people who designed and operate them?  Yes, please.  Our shameless plug for my new book, The Art of the Data Center garnered a lot of hits in a short time.

Finally, special mention goes to I Saw What You Patched Last Summer.  Published last year, this horror show of crazy cabling remains our most-viewed Data Center Deconstructed video.  Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about a sequel…

Thanks to everyone for reading, and best wishes for the new year!