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Wireless, Mobility and Borderless

December 3, 2009 - 0 Comments

License to Work…24 Hours a Day.  Now, I am an admitted work-aholic but I think people often mis-apply this assertion: Thanks to VPN, mobile phones, wireless mobility, etc, we can now work ALL the time and due to this nobody is getting any rest. Really?  I do have some STRONG opinions on managing expectations and I think this is key.  It really all stems from us taking personal responsibility for our work habits.   Watch this interview Jennifer Geisler did with our own Ray Smet’s and then scroll down for ‘Robb’s 3 Tips for Managing Expectations’

Ray Smet’s is Vice President and General Manager within Cisco’s Wireless Networking Business Unit and he some unique perspectives he brings to Cisco and the Borderless Networking movement. His background from Packateer, Motorola, Network General and a few other well respected technology companies is most welcomed within our team.  Jennifer Geisler wanted to dig into his opinions on how much of what we are doing fits together.

Robb’s 3 Tips for Managing Expectations

1. You reallly don’t have to answer a ringing phone.   I can’t stand it when people answer my call only to rush me off the phone because they are in a meeting.  Why did you answer your phone?   I love leaving voicemails! (I was in sales after all…).  Now I do understand if you thought I was someone else and it might be critical…but c’mon…don’t disparage the people you are with by losing focus and prioritizing a ringing phone.

2. Don’t answer your email too fast.  You are setting expectations that this is a reliable way to reach you and get response quickly…and it might be. Challenge comes when people don’t get the typical 5-minute response you set them up for and they wonder why you don’t like them anymore and if you started drinking again…just kidding. I would also bet that you may be getting caught up in email conversations that are better served via phone. I am guilty of this, so save your ‘hypocrite’ cries of foul…but one great benefit I found here is that often people are getting answered by others when they do the email spray and pray. Bonus!

3. Watch out for IM Conversations.  I have to ignore these reachouts once in a while. So easy to get caught up. I love instant messaging, especially during meetings but not when driving. I am horrible about never adjusting my various ‘mood’ indicators or ‘out to lunch’ tags they offer on these things…but this is where I get most excited about presence and what this will enable for us in the near future.  Its here and the little nit-pick challenges that keep it from full adoption are getting whacked more quickly.

What ideas do you have?  I bet you guys have many more little productivity traps to watch out for. Do you?

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