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Wireless in the Great Outdoors

May 5, 2011 - 7 Comments

Our brand new Outdoor Wireless show just launched today – you can register and watch it here.. but these are the shownotes for your reference..and they make more sense if you watch the show!

Seamless, Scalable, Capable, Unique applications

Mobility is about more than just wireless of course…but even among our wireless coverage, we need to get outside. Outdoor wireless comes with its own unique set of challenges…they fall into a lot of the same categories of course: Interference, Propagation, Noise, to name a few but in general:

Everything becomes magnified outdoors.

Each category can be sliced up in a few areas – rugged design, unique combinations of physical and network security.

So, a focus on education is in order as are some new toys to play with – most notably the Aironet 1550 Series OUTDOOR Access Point.

Sylvia kicks us off talking to Ray Smets

Ray Smets

Ray’s a great guy…but the star of the show was that Aironet 1550 right in front of him.

Aironet 1550:

Aironet Product Page

Aironet 1550 at a glance (pdf)

Notable Features:

– CleanAir technology so that users can experience high-quality, mobile broadband inside a building or walking across a campus

– Seamless mobility across wired and wireless networks

– Scalable and reliable multi-device and multi-network application delivery such as video surveillance, real-time data, and public and private Wi-Fi access.

Covers several applications – some examples

– Supports mobile operators to address mobile network congestion using Wi-Fi for data offload

– Public safety – access to personnel and vehicles, providing backhaul for video surveillance cameras

– Industrial environments – reliable operation in extreme conditions and to accommodate backhaul traffic for pressure, thermal, and fault monitoring sensors

– Campus networks – seamless connections between buildings

Navdeep Johar

Special thanks to our Special Geek Guest: Navdeep Johar!

Robb & Jimmy Ray talk Outdoor Wireless

Feedback Loop: “Whats the real deal with Switched Lobe Antenna’s?”

– Great basics on this subject and some others here: SMART Antennas

Check out Jimmy Ray’s Master Class on Antennae Engineering: (make sure you are subscribed on our YouTube Channel!)

Check out more on the Smith Chart

Thanks for watching!

Update 6/2/2011 – check out the entire show here:

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  1. Mi español es ser malo! Pero aquí vamos! IPv6 es algo que estamos trabajando en activily de estos puntos de acceso. En este momento, el soporte para IPv6 es limitado, pero que va a mejorar a medida que avanzamos. Voy a pasar a lo largo de este con el equipo inalámbrico para que sepan también.

    Gracias por su atención TechWiseTV

    Jimmy Ray

  2. hola ..
    No se sisra el sitio adecuado. pero mi curiosidad
    es saber si funcionan con el protocolo ipv6…
    y si en tal caso funcionan como lo hace…
    Por que en su hoja de datos no existe esta especificacion..
    Grcias espero alguien ueda contestar lo mas pronto posible.. ya que se los quiere adquirir, pero hasta que no este claro esto del ipv6 en estos puntos de acceso,, nada sera comprado..

    • Hola, my Spanish is horrible…but hoping you can respond with more detail in English! It looks like you are asking about IPv6 compatibility with these outdoor access points…perhaps specifically with the CAPWAP protocol?

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  4. Great now I feel old, I still remember the days when you couldn’t talk on the phone and surf the internet at the same time…

  5. Great to see advancements being made in wireless technology, I remember the days of wireless A and B, we all thought 11mbps was lightning fast!

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