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What’s your Cloud IQ?

July 25, 2012 - 0 Comments

Two of my favorite geeks are presenting a workshop today on Bringing the Cloud to your Remote Offices.  Jimmy Ray is hosting his ‘brother from another mother’ (as we fondly refer to him) Matt Bolick.  Matt first blew our doors off back in 2009 as we featured the then new ISR G2 in our ‘Routers are Dead…Long Live the Router show (now retired).  Well, Matt was a featured guest recently on another big show we did, the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network.   You can see Matt’s segment on Application Visibility and Control from that show right now as a great pre-study for the workshop above.   I also recommend our recent ‘Fundamentals of the Cloud Services Router’ as a secondary study resource.  Matt was instrumental in our writing and creation of this tool as well and I think you will find it valuable.

Heres the thing – The Cloud and the Network are very co-dependent.  The network is poised for incredible leaps of intelligence now more than ever with this pressure from cloud implementations being quick to reveal weakness. I have even heard where the WAN has been re-defined as “Weak Area Network.”  Why?  Poor performance, inadequate security, lack of visibility and complex management, just to name a few An intelligent network endows the WAN with the  efficiency of cloud and and the confidence of a private network.

Think about the dependence we already have for our networks to be an information and multimedia conduit.  An incredible range of critical business applications are driving every aspects of every business process.   Its this increasing integration of business processes with networks that puts extensive demands on network-based services such as WAN optimization.  This optimization requires flexibility for the dynamic applications that characterize the environment we work in.  This obvious trend demands a new type of network services handling.

One example: Cloud Services. We fundamentally understand the benefits from intelligent pooling and centralized resource provisioning.  But we cannot afford to get buried in the potential complexity.  Bad WAN optimization will stop these benefits cold.

Now add this BYOD environment.  This expectation we all have for unrestricted connectivity (in what has become as many 2 to 4 devices per person…chatting with the network at all times…) requires a 24 hour balance on that delicate line between availability and user experience. This is yet another trend that cannot be addressed through additional bandwidth allocation.  It requires more intelligence.

Back to my original point – Matt and Jimmy Ray are going to cover this and more…as well as answer your questions. Make sure you understand what Cisco has rolled out here with AVC – Application Visibility and Control.  Today’s workshop is available here, but beyond keeping up with us at, you need to bookmark the workshops (  where you can really dig in on many many more subjects.

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