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What is up with that Shirt?

October 16, 2009 - 0 Comments


Jimmy Ray in TWTV52 - Name that Reference

Questions about Jimmy Ray’s wardrobe continue to filter in each time we air a show.  Our Catalyst Switching show that aired yesterday was no exception. The good folks at Jinx as well as ThinkGeek have provided him with numerous options that you will continue to see if you follow along. The fun part for me, and now apparently for many others, is the game we get to play each time in figuring out the reference.  Some are deeply technical, some are simply obscure cultural references. 


This is a good shot of what he wore for yesterday’s show.  This one’s a two-fer.  Two references being made here (the undershirt…and the one I am not sure he can button).  What do you think they are?   The answers are below…so if you want to challenge yourself…wait to push that ‘more’ button.

The undershirt is Monty Python Reference: ‘I’m a Lumberjack’


The ‘Computer Guy’ Shirt is my favorite…from Saturday Night Live:



Got any favorites to recommend for future shows? 

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