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What is your Passion?

October 6, 2010 - 2 Comments

We all have great ideas, but how many do we take action on?

What do you get when you combine passion, heart, a recognizable need and a camera?   Many things really…but one worth pointing out here is the Uncultured Project.


So what is ‘The Uncultured Project’?

Check out the website – this from the about page:

My name is Shawn and “The Uncultured Project” is not a charity, organization, or anything formal. And, even though my face has been seen over a million times on YouTube, it’s not an attempt at celebrity.

It’s a journey to try and make the world a better place – one meaningful difference at a time. It’s about inspiring people to believe that we can be the generation that ends extreme poverty.

While there are many organizations out there trying to advance the same cause, I like to think my approach is a bit unique. Hopefully this project will be able to show the big guys that there is a better way to engage people on the issue of global poverty.

The power of video to connect us with a world we may never experience or see.  To hear the questions from the kids who live in such a  dramatically different reality than probably any of us watching on YouTube.  Bangladesh is a very big place with a wide disparity of people.  Jimmy Ray just returned from an India trip (see the webex replay done live in Mumbai!) speaking to many of our fans in that region of the world.  We live in a big place and we need to not only know each other better but be willing to serve.

What is your passion?  Will you take action on it?

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  1. What’s my passion?
    ..this is really a hard question for me.

    I really have a lot of passion. I think im one of those called the Jack of All Trades”.

    With this, will there be a way for my to identify my passion?

    Taking action…. I am, and on most of them. But without any focus.

    Thanks for reminding me about this.

    – Jack –

  2. I have a lot of passions.
    1. Become a Soccer Player
    2. Start a Rock Band with my friends

    Yes, I’m already taking steps to realize my dreams. I practice everyday, but still I feel I could get a lot better.