Business Video: the New Change Agent

July 15, 2010 - 3 Comments

Viva la Video Revolution?  Has business been left behind?

 It is amazingly simple to shoot video and put it on a website these days.  This has lead to an explosion of both bad content and an underestimation of how hard ‘good’ video can be when trying to use these awesome tools within a business environment.   This is not just about good storytelling and all the little details that can derail you…but also the hard technology facts about differing formats, screen sizes, distribution realities, security and control required to be successful and safe. 

Business Video: Mastering the New Change Agent” premiers live on July 15 at 10 AM PST, 1 PM EST Don’t miss it!   



 There are several ‘Keys to the Show’ to watch out for: 

  • Workflow
  • Business Ready
  • True Genius
  • Trust Me
  • Are you Ready? 

 More details abound in the segment-by-segment shownotes below.

Producer Steve

Steve’s Peeves

Steve Ewertz, ‘Producer Steve’ as we call him, is our off-camera geeks geek of video.  He is a detailed perfectionist with a head full of video knowledge…I can’t even tell you how much “Star Wars” trivia I’ve picked up from him!.  He is also well steeped in the joys of doing corporate video – he built and ran Sun’s video production for 10 years.

TOP 10 – Things to know before starting any corp video project

  • 10: One video will not solve all you needs.
  • 9: How will your audience view your video?
  • 8: Keep it short enough to tell the story
  • 7: Stay on topic (more than just the presenter we are talking about here?)
  • 6: Green Screen does NOT solve all problems  – it can often create more challenges than it solves.  Good tips from VideoMaker

  • 5: Teleprompter is NOT that easy (Even the ‘pro’s’ have trouble working as a group…

but this anchor seems to suffer from what he is trying to talk about...


  • 4: A five-minute video DOES NOT TAKE 5 Min to shoot. (or make – don’t even get me started on this one!)
  • 3: Be prepared…not over prepared
  • 2. Know your audience
  • 1: Edutainment is the key…have some fun.
  • Build it and they will come…NOT. 



Prosumer Video

 There was alot of buzz at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston around video – and Cisco announced the Flip Prosumer Camera and service offering. I caught up with Chip Current (yes…his real name) to get the details.

Chip Current and FLIP


More on Cisco Flip Mino Pro



The Media Experience Engine

Guests: Munawar Hossain, Suresh Velayudhan

Suresh and the iPad

It is amazingly simple to shoot video and put it on a website these days.  As long as you don’t care security, distribution specifics, formats, boring your viewers, or any other things that will come up when start trying to make video work within your company. 

MXE Workflow

The MXE is literally the heart of a video distribution system that can easily allow ANY video to be properly converted for distribution to ANY output.  Although  simple in theory, the actual execution is involved but rendered (pun intended) easy through the use of a networked system.

The Cisco MXE 3500 uses market-leading technology to rapidly and reliably repurpose media assets for different media applications. With exceptional reliability, it automatically ingests content from any source file, preprocesses it for optimal online viewing quality and experience, simultaneously encodes it into any number of video formats, and delivers finished files to servers or content-delivery networks for viewing.

MXE Front

The Cisco MXE 3500 automates the critical workflow components for producing VoD content and scales in output capacity to provide the first automated enterprise-grade VoD production solution. It also supports live transcoding services to enable reliable repurposing of live enterprise TV streams.

The graphics capabilities of the Cisco MXE 3500 synchronize video and metadata with graphic templates during transcoding to produce dynamic multilayered titles, branded graphics, subtitles, captions, and animations. Overlays are suitable for both small- and large-screen applications. You can apply these graphics to both file-based and live processing jobs.

MXE Rear

The Cisco MXE 3500 delivers innovative voice-recognition technologies to enable speech-to-text services that input speech and convert audio tracks of a video to text that can be layered on to the video as a caption.

You can integrate the Cisco MXE 3500 transparently with other Cisco media applications. For example, you can upload and distribute both file-based and live content to a variety of endpoints using the Cisco Show and Share application to integrate content produced by the Cisco MXE 3500 with the Cisco Digital Media Suite(DMS).

MXE and Show and Share

The Cisco MXE 3500 also interoperates with the Cisco TelePresence Recording Server to extend the reach of Cisco TelePresence recordings. In addition, the Cisco MXE can process high-definition (HD) video captured by Flip cameras in just a single step.

Be sure and checkout our popular episode on Cisco Telepresence


More Product info:

Cisco MXE 3500 Product Info


Recently released…the MXE 5600



Show and Share 

Guest (Solo!) Speaker: Keyvan Berenjian

See first hand how video can be distributed with ease as every employee can now use a secure, flexible platform for communicating internally and externally within a policy based structure. 

Keyvan Show and Share


Try Show and Share Free 



Cisco Pulse 

Guest: Distinguished Cisco Engineer Ken Durazzo

Ken's Pulse


Cisco Pulse: Cisco Pulse delivers a powerful new way to harness the collective expertise of your workforce, making it quick and easy for employees to find the people and information they need to get their work done.


Unlike traditional directories and expert locators that require manual updates and quickly become obsolete, Cisco Pulse automatically tags pertinent content as it traverses the network to identify hidden knowledge and data that employees can share.

Help your workforce become more competitive, responsive, and productive by making it easy to find available experts, form dynamic teams, share valuable information, and navigate rich media using Cisco Pulse.

With Cisco Pulse you can:

  • Quickly find relevant people and valued information
  • See who is available and collaborate with colleagues in a single click
  • Dynamically navigate to the spoken word in business video and other forms of rich media
  • Make expertise-finding functionality widely available by embedding Cisco Pulse capabilities in existing applications


Cisco Pulse Data Sheet


(Limited availability on Cisco Pulse – check with your account manager)




“The team shares lessons learned from working on the show”


Speaks for itself…just watch the show….




Other ‘interesting’ reading:


Network World 

Merging the Worlds of Social Computing and Unified Communications

By Irwin Lazar 


So what do you think?

Is your enterprise ready for business video? Do you think even bad presenters can be made better with good technology? Share your comments and experiences. Better yet – share links to your successful videos (or failures)!



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