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Today, Everything Changes

March 16, 2009 - 1 Comment

Gosh there has been a ton of hype and build up around this launch. Finally today, Cisco releases the Unified Computing System and all the rumor mongering can cease. However, this perhaps gets even more fun now as people get to poke and prod into actual details Cisco is providing. The biggest oversimplification has been the assumption that we are simply getting into the server market The hardest thing for many to digest however is that yes we are in the compute side, but, not in the way you traditionally understand it. I think it does help to have some background on the innovation we have been bringing to market in the last year. In fact, if you are trying to wrap your head around the problems we are aggressively moving to solve in this data center architecture, you should watch some of our previous TechWiseTV shows. imageTWTV 29 Featured the Nexus 7000 and Data Center EthernetTWTV 33 featured the Nexus 5000 and Unified FabricTWTV 38 featured the Nexus 1000v and VN-Link technology – We did not do a show on the Fabric Extender (Nexus 2000) – Craig Hultema does a good job of explaining it on YouTube as well as on the Data Center Blog.TWTV 43 will air on April 9…you can register now for the details behind this amazing launch of the Unified Computing SystemHindsight 20/20?Now in hindsight, more of this innovation begins to make sense as it all gets tied together quite well with the Unified Computing System. Jimmy Ray and I were extremely impressed with depth of innovation that went into this. The UCS was not a bunch of networking folks trying to come up with a way to tie your network more tightly into your compute and storage resources…but a small group of people with very unique backgrounds. Nuova was the name of a start up company with Cisco veterans Mario Mazzola, Luca Cafiero, Prem Jain and Soni Jiandani. The rest of the ‘dream team’ from the early days includes VMware Founder and CTO Ed Bugnion which goes to show the importance of the fact that this is NOT a pure networking play – there has been a ton of collaboration and true engineering innovation. Brian Berliner covers the other team members in a nice post on the competitive value of the ‘spin-in’ that Cisco continues to improve upon.Episode 43 of Cisco’s TechWiseTV goes into great detail on the Unified Computing System as we were given early access to the leadership and development teams working towards today’s momentous launch day. Two guests on our show were barely sleeping at the time we needed them and they came through with flying colors. David Lawler was our featured ‘talking head’ who we initially had reservations about having on the show. He came over with the Nuova acquisition but put some incredible server skins on the wall at Sun prior to that. His current title is Vice President and that automatically discounted him in Jimmy Ray’s eyes…but once we got on the phone with him, Jimmy Ray threw him a typically cynical question around how they were able to claim the memory specs they were getting. According to Jimmy Ray – “these are physically impossible.” David launched into an explanation that was easy enough for me to digest but deep enough to almost bring tears to JR’s eyes. We knew we had a good guest. We did want to get some hands on in the lab however and this lead us to our other guest, Brian Schwarz. He was an engineering rock star as well and we just had a ton of fun putting this show on. Hope you can make it? “Dawn of the New Data Center” will air on April 9 – register as soon as you can.

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