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The New ISR Router, the ISR G2

October 20, 2009 - 4 Comments

Finally we can begin talking about this!  This new Integrated Services Router has so much more under the hood than we initially thought.  We have an action packed show for all the geeks who want to get the hands-on details…Oct 29…register now …or procrastinate a bit longer and watch this trailer:

What can you expect?

Matt Lambert is the Cisco Engineer in charge of this new release and he joins us for a number of different segments.  Spoiler Alert: Once I got past the fact that I think Jimmy Ray and Matt may be cousins…I was blown away.  We really had to narrow it down on this show as there is so much to talk about.  You can get to the product pages here but here is how we are going to break it down:

  • The ISR Autopsy – what are the physical differences
  • New Modules – dows this mean we are throwing away the old modules?
  • Security Innovation in the ISR – a number of cool things that caught Jimmy Ray’s eye
  • Collaboration Enablement- how much video can this baby handle…and what all is considered ‘video’ these days?
  • The Service Ready Engine – this (and the next segment) may just change your life
  • Universal IOS – about time!  IOS simplification!  Could it really be true?  What you need to know.
  • You can register RIGHT NOW for the October 29 Deep Dive

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    1. 1 year later today when we got 5 of these. Still smiling ! :)

    2. Sure.I envision a scenario where the equipment is already installed and the goal is to get VLANS set up for the various departments. Then, routing needs to get set up. Then, basic security needs to be set up. Then, Unified Communications needs to be configured.It could just be sort of a Here is the recipe for getting the location up and running"". Then, short segments showing blocks of code necessary to get the various ""ingredients"" turned on.Many of the viewers may be folks new to the networking field or business owners trying to get an idea of what they should expect when building their new network.They could then take these short segments as reference points for thinking about their network build out and how Cisco products fit into their various needs."

    3. Sean,I love this idea. We have talked about doing this as our focus (hopefully obvious) is always reality based. Reality and TV are difficult to reconcile sometimes mainly due to time constraints. Some stuff has to be assumed so that we are not wasting broadcast time doing things like screwing in brackets and troubleshooting stuff that is not really adding value. Jimmy Ray has become an expert in what we call 'cooking show' style (one is cooked and one is being prepared...). Given the above, if it makes sense...would you want to get more specific of how you might do it?

    4. Could you all do a show where you actually install routers and switches into a rack as if you were building a brand new network in a brand new company with like 50 employees in one building?Maybe that would have to be a series. Just a thought.