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The Cisco Building Mediator Featured on BizWiseTV

July 31, 2009 - 2 Comments

Imagine a group of very important people that are expected to accomplish a common goal. Now imagine that they have no ability to communicate…they don’t speak the same language. They are smart…they can get it done. But NOW imagine how much MORE they could get done if they understand each other. Suppose you have been managing this group of high performers…all of a sudden you are getting one progress report, one dashboard to keep your finger on the pulse. Now you are not just getting by with the basics…you have a foundation laid for doing things you could never have considered before.Are you keeping up with our BizWiseTV Shows? You need to see this latest installment…you can view it right now: Smart Buildings for Sustainable Energy Consumption My favorite TV hostess Valerie St John not only guides you through these shows..but she writes them as well. She hopped out to Washington DC to get the right story on the Federal Government side…do yourself a favor and check it out! Most of us are blissfully unaware of the multiple systems present in any given building we find ourselves in. From the obvious ones like Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), to oft forgotten ones like Security, Electricity, Water, Telephony, Data and more. In fact, when designed correctly, we are only aware of them in their absence. Although the technology for each of these areas has increased greatly over the years it has done so in a very silo’d fashion. Why should this matter? When systems are not aware of each other they act in a purely selfish manner in their consumption of resources and are extremely difficult to manage. The human middleware required to provide any level of mediation here is woefullly inadequate and generally not even attempted. The technology involved in solving this challenge is the Cisco Building Mediator featured in the final segment of this 30 minute BizWiseTV episode. The Cisco Building Mediator could easily be described as a ‘router’ for the systems a typical building has to content with. Routers were originally invented as translation devices that could broker communication between disparate protocols. That is exactly what is happening here. Its genius in its simplicity yet surprisingly fruitful in the results it can deliver. Its the classic Cisco story of using an IP network (IP of course the standard now…as opposed to when routers first came on the scene) as a foundation. I caught a great demo of the Mediator while we were at CiscoLIve! recently. It just came out on our podcast channel yesterday (I suggest you subscribe!) or you can also catch it real quick right here through the miracle of our YouTube Channel ( more specifics on the product side, check out the Cisco Site.

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  1. The Mediator start at around $4,999.00 US list price for the NBM 2400 and is based on the protocols suported and number of points (i.e. Room set point). More product information can be found at

  2. What is the price of this product?I would like to see how the connections are made between the mediator and the other devices. Also, would like to know how data can be collected and stored.