TechWiseTV and the Post-PC Experience

November 17, 2011 - 0 Comments

One of the reasons I personally love our collaboration technologies is that I am a productivity nerd. I am a zero-inbox follower of David Allen’s GTD methodology that loves nothing more than tinkering with my ‘perspectives’ in Omni-Focus. It is a great time to be at Cisco and I am blessed to have this TechWiseTV show that affords me access to the best engineering minds and the latest technologies.

This was a big week in Miami as just about all of our collaboration focused executives and marketing muckety-mucks were hamming it up with the analysts and partners at the Cisco Collaboration Summit. We also released a show with a focus on some of our favorite technologies being rolled out and I hope you get a chance to watch it below.

We spent two full segments on Cisco’s Virtual Experience Infrastructure for this, our 105th episode. Funny thing too, as we had to be dragged into the topic a year ago when we first stared talking about it.  Seems that every good technology begins as a powerpoint but the good ones really blossom beyond it and this is a great example. We default toward the more technical on our show and this is why VXI probably got the most attention…it has really matured.  VDI or Virtual Desktops are the lineage of course but now that we have the infrastructure approach, you will find the number of roles in a given company that can’t benefit from this will be so much smaller than ever before.  There are some true innovations that only Cisco can bring here and this is one of the best examples of a solution that cannot be stitched together on the customer end and expected to work.  We live in a thickly saturated multi-media world these days and every single point on the network has to be supportive of the ‘experience’ or users will  revolt.

You can find the VXI poster we showed by clicking here.

My productivity nerd-ness was most evident in the announcements coming from our Webex side. This is a group of people who ‘got it’ much earlier than anyone else when it came to user interaction and web services…I would not have thought there was much they needed to do to improve.  But now, the new people centric workflow and flexibility offered from the new Meeting Spaces has me itching to get  Cisco IT on board. Its call for beta now, but from what you can see on our show…this is a well thought out, enterprise ready, efficiency machine that continues to take on the most inefficient part of most workdays…the meeting. Chris Ericksen has a nice write up…but watch the show! Yaniv Levi walks me all the way through it in segment 7.

I wish we had spent more time on Jabber (Laura Douglas posted a nice interview on the new SDK…mark my words…this is huge!) ..but there are some great resources for you as that team has been unstoppable.  Julie O’Brien is our featured executive guest and our collaboration host Laura Powers gets the entire story from her right at the top of the show.  Tom Guerrette is now a repeat guest on our show keeping us up with the VXI expansion and Manish Mittal was just incredible.  Its really something to see people who are not just smart..but passionate and great at telling the right story.

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