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What is Single Number Reach?

March 27, 2009 - 11 Comments

How many phone numbers do you have? Why are people still trying to figure out whether to call your desk or your mobile phone or your home…etc. Should they not just call YOU? I asked my friend Mike Coffin to give me a run down of the technology…both from the ‘what do I have to do’ perspective as well as the ‘what is happening behind the scenes.’ Let me know what you think. I like the idea of chasing down user questions….let me know if there is something special you’d like to see? Robb

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  1. Hi,did I understand it right, there is no media stream to the desk phone as long the call is on the mobile phone. Do you think it is possible to record calls (via IP, not on the PSTN trunk) during the call is on the RDP”” mobile phoneßTHX”

  2. I used to have a BUNCH of numbers. I got rid of that mess and have 2. Much easier to manage and don’t have to worry about missing calls or mixing numbers up. I had it so it rang on my computer too, but it messed up a few times. That method was gone almost right away.

  3. Thanks Rich. We’re looking to add more videos like this as soon as possible. Glad they are helpful.

  4. Great video. We’re getting ready to deploy this at our company and the video is short and sweet. Perfect, Thanks!

  5. This is interesting.Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I absolutely love SNR… our company has it deployed and I immediately felt the stress of a busy schedule mitigated. I can keep up with my calls and meeting even when I am not in the office, I can be just as responsive to my customers, and I no longer feel the pressure to continually call the office for messages or put up those annoying out of the office”” emails. Now, no matter where I am, the collaboration continues. It truly enhances the way I do business!”

  7. To answer your questions:1) Generally speaking this is basically impossible. If you attempt to answer you desk and mobile at the same time, there will be some difference in the answer event reported to CUCM. The one that gets there first wins.2) If you answer on the mobile, then you will hang up the call to get it back on your desk phone. To get it back on your mobile you must press the Mobility”” softkey on your desk phone, which will ring your mobile. Cheers,-Mike”

  8. RobbQ1.If you answer the call simultaneously. Which device will get it first? Q2.If we pick up the first call via the mobile device, then transfer the call from mobile to desktop and back to mobile again , do the CM actually has to ring the mobile device again ( meaning do the CM has to ring 2x to get to mobile) ?Regards

  9. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Feel free to forward and see how what kind of a list we can work up on narrow, focused features we could work on in this format.

  11. Robb,This is great. As you know, the at-uc and msft-g2 alias’ receive lots of questions (some of this variety). Common questions or ones that seem to trickle up after release of new products – might be interesting to address in this format.