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July 20, 2009 - 1 Comment

TechWiseTV Episode 47 “Routing Revolution on the Network Edge” Show Notes The ASR 1000 series of routers is very simply answering the challenge of ever escalating demand. Demand for more speed, smaller form factors, less energy, on and on and on. It sets new bars for performance, David Newman said it well in his Network World Article: “With enterprises looking to consolidate data centers and devices, Cisco’s new ASR 1000 series router offers a compelling message: Do more with less.In an exclusive Clear Choice test, the ASR not only moved traffic at 20Gbps but also did so while running QoS, security and monitoring functions on 120 million flows from hundreds of concurrent routing sessions.” This is the kind of performance and innovation we need moving forward. This show was a lot of fun to make. Great people, great technology. Here are the notes and details for further info you may find helpful. Segment 1: The Quantum Flow ProcessorMichael Beesley, widely credited as the ‘father’ of the ASR 1000 discusses breakthrough development ideas that lead to the Quantum Flow Processor and the ASR 1000.Maverick Engineer Creates the Prototype for a New Generation of Networking RouterThe Cisco ASR 1000 gives superstar software architect a chance to prove his radical concept for building the machines that run the InternetThe Cisco QuantumFlow Processor: Cisco’s Next Generation Network ProcessorSegment 2: Inside the OS: IOS-XEMichael Beesley, widely credited as the ‘father’ of the ASR 1000 discusses breakthrough development ideas that lead to the revolutionary modularity of Cisco’s flagship OS and the non-standard design of this monumental acheivement as we literally ‘take the lid off’ the ASR 1000.Cisco IOS XE Software for Cisco ASR 1000 Series RoutersCameo Appearance in the HazMat suit (my lame attempt to replicate the Intel Bunny…) by our incredibly talented producer Brad Murphy.Segment 3: Webex NodeThe WebEx Node Shared Port Adaptor on the ASR 1000 takes direct aim at the innefecient WAN bandwidth usage when using cloud based multimedia services. Learn the ins and outs of how you can become a node on the Webex cloud and reap the incredible benefits.Webex Node Product PageWebex Node wins ‘Best of Interop’ awardSegment 4: ASR 1000 Design TipsThere are the normal routing design practices that never go away and then there are platforms like the ASR 1000 that are so game changing that you need to identify that extra ‘gap’ of knowledge that will change how you can do things. We take both the service provider as well as the enterprise angles to reveal those design tips that can make the difference. Internet Gateway Router Design Using Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers

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