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April 15, 2010 - 0 Comments

Cisco Orchestrator DashboardWelcome to the shownotes for TechWiseTV64: Your Network Has the Power.  We built all of this content around the Borderless Networks launch that featured just a ton of great new tech to play with…we had to narrow it down somehow, so please check here if you are curious about what else was covered.

This was a really fun show to do for a number of reasons, but mainly the old and new friends we pulled this off with.  First, Ramesh Bijor and his team started hauling in ‘stuff’ for their demo a few days before taping…I was not entirely sure what all he was setting up but I was blown away when he fired it up. We had to get creative with him since there were really three demonstrations he wanted to cram into one segment…we liked all of them, but we had to make a few changes.


Borderless Launch Overview PictureJimmy Ray and I are always adamant about not ‘faking’ any demo’s….this is not easy when, as you know, we are not truly live. We shoot live to tape…but to be honest, we could fake these things quite easily.  We do take shortcuts mind you, but we always call it out.  Since Ramesh needed some set-up in between, we decided to do a time-lapse between each one and have some fun..Jimmy Ray provided the banjo inspiration as you will see.

Outline of Show:

Jean Francois VincentSegment 2 – Jean Francois and the new Catalyst 3000 series

3750-X and 3560-X

StackPower – the brand new ability to aggregate power across multiple switches..easily the star of our power focused show.


Jimmy Ray and Ramesh review new Catalyst SwitchesSegment 3: StackPower in Action


Ramesh got to do the fun stuff – he and his team set up a number of innovative demos that would allow us to now only test the claims that they are making with StackPower but do it in a visual way using the new 3750-X.

Three different illustrations:

1. StackPower – Ramesh showed the new StackPower ‘cable’ that allows for the pooling/sharing of the power and even though he had four video phones drawing power from their switch ports.  He then proceeded to yank power supplies one by one with the video phones never taking a single hit.

2. EnergyWise Orchestrator – how easy it is to control devices and the power (and the associated costs) using the network as your energy control plane.

3. New Catalyst 2960-S switches that bring stacking into a the lower price points now with FlexStack

Stack Power

Proof of Power Usage

Lighbulb or Switch Power - which pulls more?


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Matt Lambert via TelePresenceSegment 4: New Yet Again, the ISR 3900


We were not able to get Matt Lambert out to the studio in person this time so he joined us via TelePresence…but not before shipping out some of the new stuff for us to play with!  Matt became an instant friend of the show when we got to work with him on the ISR G2 show that has become so popular. I swore that he and JR were separated at birth.

A number of new things to cover on the ISR 3900 family that just keeps getting better:

New 3900 Motherboards (SPE-200 & SPE-250): >2x performance & voice capacity with 4 on-board GE ports

New HSPA 3G HWIC for both ISRs and ISR-G2s

New VDSL2 HWIC and 800 Series

New metro Ethernet features (IEEE 802.1ag draft 8.1 CFM compliance)

All ISR G2 models now orderable and shipping including the 48 port Etherswitch module

New ISR 3900 Motherboards



Segment 5 – Cisco EnergyWise Phase 2

John Parello, Cisco EnergyWiseGuest: John Parello – John was a guest with us way back when EnergyWise was just starting to rollout.  If your curious, watch TWTV42: Network Energy Efficiency, the New Frontier

We started off this segment with our first animated ‘fundamentals’ interstitial


Comments on the show?  Comments on the Technology?

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