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Prime Time for Policy, Identity & Management

June 10, 2011 - 0 Comments

More details continue to flow from our recent Interop Road Trip to Vegas – our latest episode (TWTV91) for those keeping track is ready to go and there is a lot to cover.   The biggest thing to follow here is Cisco Prime.  ‘Prime’ is the name to look for on what is becoming a growing groundswell of numerous Cisco

management products that are getting overhauled with a consistent UI and functionality. Much is happening here already – its not a ‘wait and see what we are going to do,’ there is very solid progress…more than a shows worth actually, but the real benefit is what this continues to bring to us.

So what all can you expect out of this one?

Interop and all the Borderless Launch stuff of course, Cisco PRIME – Policy and Management comes alive, hands on details with NCS – Network Control Engine, ISE – Identity Services Engine, SecureX – Cloud Based Security and Cisco Insight Reporter.   YES!  All in one show…how did we do it? (secret presentation ninja skills my friend…and a great team…go to the end for a special ‘Behind the Scenes’ we did just for this series..)

Follow the jump to see the show AND the rest of the shownotes…

You can watch the whole show on YouTube right now.


Sylvia welcomed our special VP guest, Sujai Hajela

Read more about the launch and recent announcements

NCS-Network Control System

Jimmy Ray and Guest: Saurabh Bhasin, Product Manager and one Sharp Dude

NCS or the official term: “Cisco Prime Network Control System” is all about  converged user, access and Identity management, and complete visibility into endpoint connectivity – regardless of device, network, or location.  This speeds troubleshooting for the most reported customer pain point – network problems related to client devices. Cisco Prime NCS also provides monitoring of endpoint security policy through integration with Cisco identity Services Engine (ISE) to deliver visibility into compliance based on real-time contextual information from the network, users, and devices across the entire wired and wireless access network.

Built on the  WCS, Cisco Prime NCS includes complete lifecycle management of 802.11n and 802.11a/b/g, enterprise-class, indoor and outdoor wireless networks.  You get immediate access to the tools you need, when you need them, so that you can more efficiently implement and maintain secure wireless LANs, monitor wired and wireless LANs, and view users and endpoints across both networks – all from a centralized location. Operational costs are significantly reduced as well through the platform’s workflow-oriented, simplified, and intuitive user experience. Unlike overlay management tools, Cisco NCS incorporates the full breadth of management requirements – from radio frequency, to controllers, switches, endpoints, and users on wired and wireless networks, and to mobility and identity services.  Its a big deal.

More Info:

NCS Product Page (with a video featuring Saurabh!)

Pete Nugent is a fan

ISE-Identity Services Engine

Ziad Sarieddine was my guest for this one.  We did a ‘fundamentals of ISE’ which should be a nice compliment to this video…here it is for your viewing pleasure.

More information:

SecureX & Scansafe on the ISR

We focused this one on Scansafe with great security for the ISR and we double teamed it with myself and Mark Guntrip and then Jimmy Ray going hands on with the aptly named Ryan Wager (Wager…Las Vegas…get it?)

As for SecureX: Cisco’s security messaging got updated back at RSA with the Tom Gillis keynote. For even better context around the messaging, the direction and the vision for what was delivered, I recommend Jason Lackey’s Blog entry on the subject.

Now onto my favorite example of where were going with this – ScanSafe.

It is amazing how many companies still use precious WAN bandwidth to backhaul traffic to HQ simply to scrub it and/or secure it.  This could be used more intelligently for video right?  Well, now, ScanSafe Web security will be available in the ISR G2 in July as part of the line’s existing security bundle license, which starts at $2,595 per box. Although ScanSafe is a free addition to the ISR security bundle, customers will have to subscribe to the general service in order to take advantage of the ISR feature.

In ScanSafe News:

  • Gartner positions Cisco as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateway

Gartner positioned Cisco in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2011 Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateway report.

Cisco Web Security, which incorporates on-premise, cloud-based and also hybrid options, combines Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance and Cisco ScanSafe Cloud Web Security offerings to protect users from web based malware and control Web 2.0 web apps anywhere users are and whatever device they use to connect to the Internet. You can download the report here.

  • New! ScanSafe Search Ahead (first introduced in 2007…its even better now!)

What is SearchAhead? A real-time early warning system designed for search engines, included at no additional charge with ScanSafe’s Web Filtering service.

When a user submits a search request, ScanSafe evaluates search result links in real-time against the user’s Web filtering policy and the Outbreak IntelligenceTM malware detection technology. An icon is displayed next to each search result which indicates if it is safe to click the link from both a security standpoint and from an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) compliance perspective.

The previous version of SearchAhead was discontinued when Google Instant was made the default option for Google search users. Because instant search represents a fundamental change to the way in which search results are generated and rendered, this team went back to the drawing board to re-engineer SearchAhead.

What’s new in this version?

  • Support for Google Instant – SearchAhead notifications appear instantly as you type
  • Support for encrypted Google (
  • Faster Searches – Our new algorithm has significantly reduced the time needed to annotate search results
  • As before, this feature is supported on Google, Bing and Yahoo, including all the localized versions.

Watch this video to see how simple it is.

Insight Reporter (for the ASR)

Lazar Obradovic joins Jimmy Ray in our ‘Mobile Lab’ at Interop

Next Generation NBAR

Insight Reporter Notes

See a little Overview Video

Feedback Loop

How to walk a MIB?  That was what we got!  (don’t forget to send your questions in to ‘techwisetv @ cisco .com’ and mark it as ‘Feedback Loop’ in the subject line)  We took this question from the show floor however.

More information:

How to walk a MIB

MIB Walking – Jimmy Ray’s Geek to Geek

Cisco MIB Locator Page

Behind the Scenes at Interop!

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