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Out of the Closet Intelligence

March 29, 2011 - 1 Comment

I am still pleasantly surprised that the title of this show “Intelligent Switches Come out of the Closet” has not been yanked by our censors. The show is a good one of course, and double entendre aside, this notion of moving out of the switching closet and putting switch resources right at a critical point of entry is exactly what we are talking about. This is another of our three shows taped at CiscoLive in London, the Borderless team released a new line of ‘compact switches’ purpose-built for a very unique environment.

You can watch the full show by clicking here (this link will take you into our virtual environment which does require registration the first time you go…nice thing is you only have to do this once and you can poke around to see the rest of our content).

Lets review a bit about the content

John Hanahan talks Compact Switching

One thing that made this show fun to capture was our challenge around how to integrate our Borderless Host Sylvia into our show despite the fact that she would not be with us.  Well, it first started with her handling the top of show ‘message’ and she did that back in Studio prior to the trip – she and John Hanahan recorded a very nice overview of the announcement.

Some links for your reading pleasure:

Sylvia Kept Showing up on my iPhone

We wanted to incorporate Sylvia deeper into the show however than a simple segment only so we had the idea of a storyline where she, as our mother hen, was constantly checking in on us via remote video on my iPhone…catching us a bit distracted perhaps and re-directing us to a new part of the story.   We taped those in advance and then while on site, we created the little mini-context throughout…you will see these between almost every segment. I really like the way they turned out.

Bottom line, hope you enjoy the show – feel free to leave your comments and question below.  Here is the overview of the rest of the show in case you want to jump ahead or just re-live a few favorite moments!

Jimmy Ray and I finally found the new switches

Three Big Segments:

  • Energywise, TrustSec and More
  • PoE Passing Through
  • Zero Touch Deployment

Krishna was central to much of this conversation

Narayanan Krishnamoorthy

Feedback Loop

Scott Hodgdon helped us with a viewer mail question we used as an excuse to jump into the quad-sup vss on the 6500. This is a good technical overview of some failover capabilities they were showcasing – Scott’s a great engineer for this and we were fortunate to get him.

Scott Hodgdon

"Just before I heard Jimmy Ray's knee's crack..."

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  1. Very cool! London, eh?