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February 16, 2011 - 1 Comment

Now live in our brand spankin’ new virtual environment – our latest episode ‘Network Design Mastery: Learn from the Pro’s

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The biggest thing we have here, featured throughout the episode is the Smart Business Architecture Series.  Al O’Brien joins us and I can only hope that we can do justice in this trying to describe the value you can get from this documentation.  You literally may have to try it and become a believer like the rest of us.   I have some links within the segmentation notes below for more info.  One other huge topic in this show is an extension of the architecture talk but specifically addressing Wireless Overload.  Sylvia asked Jake Woodhams to join us as they dove into a Top 10 Wireless Overload list you will want to take notes on.   The guest that surprise me the most was Eric Osborne in a lab chat Jimmy Ray did with him on MPLS-TP.  Eric not only trounced in the smart dude category but he has a goatee that made mine cower in respectful fear…

On to the segmentation notes!

SEGMENT 1 Smart Business Architecture Design Guide for Enterprise

Al O'Brien, The Father of Cisco's SBA

– Al O’Brien,  ‘the father’ of SBA, joins us for a behind the scenes look at the engineering talent, the testing methods, the reality of how these popular guides are created and held to such high standards for ease of use illogically coupled with such comprehensive technical depth.

More info:

SEGMENT 2 Multi-Protocol Label Switching, (MPLS-TP)

Eric Osborne and his Goatee

– Eric Osborne, author of Traffic Engineering with MPLS is here with the latest advancements in traffic optimization MPLS-Transport Profile or MPLS TP

MPLS TP White Paper (.pdf)

Feedback Loop

It makes no sense to me either Dude!

– Your questions answered! (send them in:

QUESTION 1: From Somendra in Bangalore, India – “We are looking to add a cellular backup link to our remote sites. What is the difference between CDMA and GSM? “

Hedy Lamarr trivia tidbit… “Awarded US Patent 2,292,387: August 11, 1942

and a video question (nice touch!)

QUESTION 2: We plan on config’ing a VTI routed link on our 3925 ISR G2. This weekend. Any tips or gotcha’s we should be anywhere of before we shut down the network?”

Gotta watch the show for the answers…(

Smart Devices and Wireless Overload

Big Jake Woodhams running the Top 10 WiFi Stuff

– Everyone is carrying at least one Wi-Fi device, many of us routinely use 2 or more.  Sylvia Hooks has her own Top 10 list for regaining control in this environment, the TechWiseTV production crew saves the show from meltdown using the SBA guide and Jimmy Ray covers wireless QoS like never before.

Top 10 Wi-Fi Tuning Tips

1. 802.11n

2. Know Thy Relevant Client Applications

3. Use 20 or 40 MGz Overlapping Channels (?)

4. Go ahead and kill off 802.11b

5. Use 5 Ghz wherever possible (Band Select)

6. Use the DFS Channels

7. Use Beam Forming /Cisco Client Link

8. Control Interference: Clean Air

9. Control Interference: RRM

10. VideoStream for Multicast Improvements

More info: Optimize the Cisco Unified Wireless Network to Support Wi-Fi Enabled Phones and Tablets including the Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPad, and Cisco Cius

Download the Whitepaper

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