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April 1, 2011 - 1 Comment

“There are two great equalizers in life – the Internet and education,” – Chambers

The last of our three TechWiseTV shows taped at CiscoLive in London is now out – its a very Special Edition on the relationship of Learning at Cisco and CiscoLive. (Click here to register and watch the show right now).

These two items are really well matched.  CiscoLive has a rich history focused directly on knowledge sharing, learning and of course certifications. This is what I really love about these events – tons of smart geeks looking to have fun and get smarter.

Our goal for this special edition of TechWiseTV is to dive into the motivation and the opportunity of using CiscoLive as a milestone in your career.  These events occur in key cities around the world featuring abundant benefits for those pursuing career advancement in the networking field.

Two big things on the agenda:

1. History of Learning at Cisco

2.  Top 5 Reasons to Target Learning at CiscoLive

Assuming you are a CiscoLive fan…and you believe in our certifications programs (need I ask?), what would be in your top 5?  For us, we agreed to a key theme around ‘Access.’

Access to:

  • Partners
  • Peers
  • Experts
  • Testing
  • Gear


Some perspective….timeline (factoids)

1984 – cisco (lower case c) founded…love affair on the Stanford Campus, Len Bosack/Sandy Lerner..the first successful multi-protocol router

1989 – First Cisco Networkers event in Palo Alto – less than 200 customers…Networkers all about TRAINING.\

1990 – Cisco goes Public

1991  – First Networkers in Europe

1993 – CCIE Certification Born– recognize ‘best in class’ engineers, special relationship established with these individuals and Cisco support teams.

Unique registry number, certificate and award

Very stringent testing

Established by John Chambers when he was just a Senior Vice President…coincidence?

Terry Slattery Credited as First CCIE

Good interview with Terry on the Cisco Learning Community

Cisco didn’t have switches at the time, so the lab gear consisted of AGS, AGS+ and MGS routers.

The first number assigned: 1024 (to the lab door), 1025 assigned to Stuart Biggs (Cisco Senior Customer Engineer, this is also his employee number?), 1026 to Terry Slattery as first non-Cisco person.

Written test and then a 2 day lab where Terry had to fix things as fast as Stuart could break it.

1994 – Chambers becomes CEO…coincidence?

1997 – Cisco Networking Academies…learning further established.

The idea was to provide global training for network associates. Since they were being trained by Cisco to use Cisco equipment, the establishment of the Academies contributed to the growth of the company. Cisco training was established as a benchmark standard for network associates and IT technicians. Cisco was also a leader in the introduction of formal certification programs to insure the competence and skill level of networking employees. The idea was that college educations by themselves were not a guarantee of a person’s capacity to do a job. Cisco Certification training was established to prepare candidates to pass the Certification exams.

1998 – CCNA Offered for the first time.

2010 – CCIE Emeritus


The idea behind ‘Access to Peers’ was to get some Learning@Cisco perspective from three different perspectives. We hosted these interviews from within the CCIE and NetVets exclusive area…a nice homage to the idea of striving for higher recognition and reaping the benefits I think.

Three conversations here:

Corliss Marseille Seabron

We spoke with Corliss Marseille Seabron about the history of the CiscoLive relationship, the goals for the experience, the testing and the value that her group was striving for.

Scott Morris

Scott Morris is a non-Cisco engineer, highly certified and highly active within the Cisco Learning Network Community.  Good angles on the value as he sees it and his humble side given the ribbing he takes from his peers.

Scott’s Bio

Brad Reese article on Scott and his (as of 2007) 2.3M home lab…interesting comments section here!

Sean Iverson

Sean Iverson is the genius (my words) behind the incredibly successful Cisco Learning Network and made for a nice tie in as to his objectives in an event like this given that the community he represents is really THE place for continuing the conversation, the relationship.

Brenda Knowles, PearsonVue

We spoke with Brenda Knowles to get some back story on Testing from her vantage point with Pearson Vue, the testing administrator.

Josh Stephens, SolarWinds Head Geek

Josh Stephens is always a favorite guy to talk to…actually, just about everyone on that SolarWinds team is.  Our challenge in this show was picking an angle for ‘Access to Partners’ when you are either learning or simply maximizing your time at CiscoLive.  Instead of a big broad brush edited video of partner signage at the show…we chose to cover a little content where we could.

Be sure and check out Josh’s Geek Speak Blog for an ongoing romp through great personality and learning through better tools…

Geeks Speak

So what do you think?

Where do you see the value in attending CiscoLive?

Have you taken any certification tests at an event – what kind of suggestions would you make?

Thanks for watching!


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