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Jimmy Ray talks Catalyst Quad Sup Today

March 30, 2011 - 0 Comments

Early Mobility

Networking is a lot like life. For example; remember your first stereo and how great it sounded out of the box?   Oh yeah! Tunes jamming and you added +5 to your cool points. But after a few weeks you find yourself looking at other models with “new features”.

Now remember the first Virtual Switching System? A prized center piece of any network design for sure. Then as time passed we wondered; “If it could only have quad Supervisor support”.

Click to register and attend the workshop live at 10 AM PST 3/30/2011

Well that day has arrived! Our latest enhancement to the Catalyst 6500 is support for quad supervisors in your VSS designs using the legendary Supervisor 720-10G. This is sure to be an engineer’s staple for building out N+1 networks. But before we jump on the Cisco band wagon, let’s take an engineer’s look at what we’ve learned about VSS over the past three years of deployments.

Scott Hodgdon

Join Cisco’s TechWiseTV Chief Geek Jimmy Ray Purser as he hosts one of the leading Cisco 6500 gurus; Scott Hodgdon. We will dig into VSS best practices, the new quad supervisor support and even compare and contrast how VSS stacks up against the Nexus vPC in your network designs. If you’re a Catalyst 6500 fan this is the one workshop you can’t miss! Bring your questions live and register early! We’ll see you there for a Virtually Smokin’ Session!

Click to register and attend the workshop live at 10 AM PST 3/30/2011

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