Intrusion Prevention – The Fundamentals

November 22, 2011 - 6 Comments

One of the greatest things about having an interest in security…is the fact that it never stops changing. Understanding how threats have evolved over time and getting a strong baseline introduction to this can really help you appreciate the unique combination of hardware, software and most importantly, services that Cisco brings to customers.  Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations is, in my opinion, is a very under-marketed differentiator for us.  Network World did a fantastic feature on this: Inside Cisco Global Security Operations that is well worth the read. But to prep you for it…I must more strongly recommend 5 minutes of your time…

Well maybe a hair over 5 minutes… be spent watching our ‘Fundamentals of IPS’.

Thank you as always for watching!


Robb Boyd

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  1. Cristi, thank you! You are in Romania correct? Glad this stuff helps. I am fortunate to have my face and voice on it but these things are of course a collaboration. I am fortunate to have Jimmy Ray as the engineer who keeps it real on these things. You know, all these drawings start as visions in his head!

  2. Robb, the “Fundamentals…” series is amazing. Its exactly what lacks at the moment to create awareness about how Cisco does certain things. Simple, to the point, witty and smart, it usually gives me all the answers in just 5 minutes. I simply love it!

    PS: I also believe you should be doing all the video data sheets on

  3. Hey Robb,

    As always; interesting and informative content delivered with your passion for technology and witty antics.

  4. Robb,
    Thanks for creating great overviews bringing the problem and the solution together clearly. I always find your pieces valuable. IPS is a complicated matter and your really shed some light on the matter.

    Scott D.