I See a Cius: Big Announcement at Cisco Live!

July 2, 2010 - 0 Comments

Wow! Did you see that one coming? At John Chamber’s keynote here in Las Vegas, the Cisco Voice Technology Group announced we are finalizing an enterprise-class tablet computer.

It was all the buzz in the Twitterverse and the Cius (pronounced See-Us), sitting there in it’s lovely glass bubble in the Cisco Collaboration booth, was packed with admirers after the announcement. Of course, I had to get the scoop as quickly as possible and we just happened to have a TechWiseTV crew hanging out there at Cisco Live.

Simply put, I want one. ASAP. I’ve been looking at more portable, mobile options for when I travel and I’ve ran into some barriers and haven’t made a decision so far. I know the Cius is created with the enterprise in mind, but c’mon! TWO cameras? One with 720p HD Video and a 5 megapixel VGA camera – this solves one of my issues right away. I love having a camera built into my Mac, but when I am trying to show something on video (like a whiteboard) that is front of me I can’t see what is going on. Another great feature: size. The Cius is smaller than other tablets but bigger than a cell phone – and for someone with small hands, the size is perfect. I wasn’t the least bit terrified (ok, maybe a little) that I was going to drop it when I was talking with Kirk in the booth. Finally, I made an immediate connection to the Unified Communications benefits. With the telephone “docking” station, you can have your applications on the tablet and seamlessly take them with you.

Jimmy Ray and I chatted with Kirk for awhile about the virtual desktop client – clearly a gamechanging feature for the enterprise space. Who could use this? Who wouldn’t? Doctors, nurses, sales reps, government officials, meter-readers and on and on – with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G support, what is stopping you? Oh – right. It won’t be available for a few more months! Rats!

Want to know more? Check out the official announcement here.



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