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How Well Do You Know Your Protocols?

January 13, 2010 - 0 Comments

Register Now for our next Borderless Networking show which will be live on Thursday, January 21 at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST. We have a number of very interesting twists to the agenda with great guests like Kumar Reddy who helps us beyond the ‘Chicken Little’ aspects of most IPv6 discussions and gets squarely on deployment realities and things you can and should do today. 

See the Preview:

Jagadeesh Narayanswamy was gracious to bring in a full sample network to show advances Cisco is just now rolling out with regards to ‘Wireless Multicast.’  Cisco has always lead the networking pack with multicast advances that are so critical today but this is another big leap forward taking us yet another step beyond thinking of wireless as a ‘hub’ style of shared/no priority bandwidth.

Speaking of wireless and mobility, Sangita Patel joins our Borderless host Jennifer Geisler to get beyond some of the hype of 802.11n and reveal why this protocol is not simply about bandwidth increases and surface layer advancements that most tend to concentrate on. Yes, this protocol has gotten lots of talk lately and is doing quite well in its uptake, but it offers more than you might think for the health and future prospects of your growing network – I know you will pick up a couple of gems on this one.

We decided to let Jimmy Ray run solo with his lessons and opinions on GETVPN.  Cisco has a lot of VPN technologies available and if you don’t spend time with any of them you may be of the mistaken opinion that they all overlap each other and you could miss something. JR is of the mindset that you are missing something with Group Encrypted Transport and he is excited to share a few things that could really help you out. This is a fun segment as well!

Here is the official description and agenda:

Discover how you can future-proof your network for growth by mastering four vital new protocols: IPv6, multicasting, 802.11n, and Group Encrypted Transport VPN. Learn how each can make your network operate more efficiently so it can handle high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive applications such as video. Get proven migration strategies and get ready for the future.


  • Powerful Protocols You Need to Master
  • IPv6: Reality and Results
  • Mastering Multicast
  • 802.11n: Beyond Bandwidth
  • Group Encrypted Transport
  • Network Design You Can Grow With

Please sign up and and as always, let me know if we are hitting the mark on these. All of our shows are based on your input – can’t do this without you!



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