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Hands on with the Identify Services Engine

September 20, 2011 - 0 Comments

It is so critical that we make it easier for people to get on and off the network in a secure fashion. Cisco has made incredible strides merging access control platforms that have done well over the years yet still required heavier configuration and/or manual intervention.   Not any longer…The Cisco Identity Services Engine or ISE, is a game changer that has already been well received by the market and yet just keeps improving.

We featured the ISE in one of our Fundamentals animations but felt like even more could be done, especially in light of new wireless only pricing recently rolled out. This is a great step forward for a business looking to make incremental steps potentially starting now in an area that is always in need of improvement, guest access.

One of our favorite wireless engineers, Jameson Blandford, (featured in our Aruba Competitive Show) returns here to get VERY hands on with Jimmy Ray on the TechWiseTV lab as they walk through various guest access scenarios with multiple device types and roles.  This is where things have always been tricky in this space, role identification without using multiple SSID’s and the convenience of centralized policy.  Its all here – and one thing I really like, is that instead of the old ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ style of so many security oriented demos…these guys dive into interface and configuration details that we all care about.

Watch it right here:

The time has never been better to get control of these things and hit those impossible goals of easier network access for your guests and staff…while you remain in control on the backend.  This solution takes care of both wired and wireless so you have a growth path regardless.

Thanks for watching all of our shows…let us know what you think.

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