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Getting Things Done with Mobile Devices

- November 11, 2009 - 0 Comments

Mike describes the Mobile Possiblities to Tina

Welcome to the Show Notes for Episode 55!

The ability to be productive anytime, anywhere on any device has never felt more real than right now. The explosion of capabilities with video collaboration and consumer devices that are pushing expectations faster than ever before.  This  creates both wonderful opportunity and significant challenge. How can IT work to preserve the in-office experience with users going mobile and still serve the critical needs of the business?   Our latest (and dare I say best!) episode will show you the latest ways to make a mobile phone mimic what you love about your desk phone, solve the challenge of ‘my cell does not work in the office’, preserve your meeting visuals while away from your computer and do all of this in a consistently secure manner. I guarantee it!

Step 1:

Register to watch this as it goes live so you can participate in the Q&A, (this links works for the VoD if you missed the live)

Step 2a: Did you catch all the new info just announced this week?

The official ‘Collaboration Launch’ Press release

Check out the ‘Collaboration Virtual Experience Page‘ (Catch the replay of John Chambers keynote and the very interesting demonstrations from Jim Grubb). 

 And for good measure:

 – Collaboration Solutions Page

 – Blog Announcement from Alan Cohen

 Step 2b:

Read the juicy details below for what to expect and/or where to find more information!


Robb explains the Smart Phone DilemnaManaging the Disconnect.  We did a slightly different open on this one with me attempting to concisely describe the problem: consumer technology has drastically shifted user expectations about how, when and where we communicate.  Business and the IT department have always had the upper hand as they rolled out new technology and thus were able to control functionality and align it properly with business needs. Today, it is all to easy to bypass the IT department and get things done on your own…I know I am guilty of this as well. You should see throughout this show however that the tools we have now brought to market are bridging that gap and allowing you to take advantage of the new technology in a way that respects the unique needs of your business. I hope my point came across in the open here… did it? 



Segment 1: Collaboration and Mobile Devices

IT is being asked to do more with less and support wayward end-users like myself; end-devices are driven by the consumer, not by the enterprise and IT. Global teams make real-time communication and a 9-5 job unrealistic –  and let’s face it, 9-5 has been for a long time. How do you drive employee productivity, use the technology you have, and keep the administrative overhead down?

(Tina talking here…)  Robb and I talk about three things we’ll be hitting home on in this episode:

  • Feature Match
  • Reliability
  • Security

While the Smartphone revolution is the focus of this show, the Cisco Collaboration launch occurred on November 10th: Over 70 new products introduced and we made some ripples as we entered new markets. Check it out at:



Segment 2: Unified Mobile Communicator

Mike Coffin joined Tina to discuss how to bring smartphone rebels (like her) back into the fold of the enterprise. Features such as presence, dial-via-office and directory access make the experience the same whether you are sitting at a desk or watching your kid’s soccer game. Tina’s favorite ‘stealthy’ feature?  The ability to display your enterprise desk number ONLY when calling – NOT your cell phone number.

Unified Mobile Communicator is available on Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile clients.



CUMC Dial Via Office


(Mike is such a great Texan to work with – he explains things so well, so cleanly…he is in management officially now but I believe he has four(?) CCIE’s?  I have no idea how he keeps up.  One really simple but popular video he did for me to explain Single Number Reach has proven pretty popular.  -Robb)



Mike Coffin - Dual Mode

Segment 3: Nokia Call Connect

Seamless mobility implies the dream of using the ‘best available’ network…this means bouncing back and forth between your cell towers and your wifi access points in the building.   Sounds simple enough…but is it?  How the heck can these hand-offs happen without disrupting the call?  Mike Coffin was the man with the plan yet again!

Great link for Nokia user guides, software and release notes

Cisco’s official marketing page: “Mobile Solutions for Unified Communications”







New Unified Communications and Video Specialist Certifications

Here is the bonus podcast we promised!



Segment 4: Secure Unified Mobile Architecture

Parag Thakore joins Jimmy Ray

Here is where some HUGE issues get addressed – Parag Thakore was a fantastic technical guest in the lab here as he hauled in a quite the lab set up so he could fully prove out his points.

This had to be Jimmy Ray’s favorite segment – Parag’s three pillars of SUMA all started with the word “secure”:

  • Secure Zero Touch Deployment
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Secure Mobility Services

Parag and Jimmy Ray walk through all the details but one of my favorite features? The ability to remotely wipe a lost phone through the 3G network. That rocks!

SUMA technical documentation is not yet published, but it is closely tied to the ISR G2 launch recently featured on TWTV Episode 53.







Segment 5: Taming the Smartphone Monster

(sez Tina)This was such a fun show! We came back to Robb’s three core messages from Segment one and we added a fourth: preserve the visual. We’ve got a cool podcast coming soon with me and Ben Lewis, SE for WebEx, talking about how you can now really get all the benefits of a WebEx meeting on your smartphone. . .along with some enhanced features for iPhone. If you can’t wait for the podcast, check out this announcement.

And the last word? Embrace those smartphone rebels – use what you’ve already got in your communications systems and make them more productive immediately! And best yet? Your boss is gonna love you for this.

Now I’m off to talk, text, tweet and WebEx all at once on my smartphone! (sed Tina)


Bonus article Robb found interesting: ‘What CIO’s Must Know about the Wireless Spectrum Crisis’  Very eye-opening reminder of the inter-related nature of everything we do on our endpoints.


Stay in touch! Thanks for watching,


Robb, Tina, Jimmy Ray

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