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June 24, 2011 - 4 Comments

Rivas is a city of 70,000 inhabitants, in the suburbs of Madrid. With only a cursory glance, Rivas looks very similar to perhaps thousands of others in Europe. On the inside however, it is one of the most innovative cities in the world. Several years ago, the Mayor of Rivas adopted a vision of putting “everything on IP”. The objective was to become a “zero emission” city by 2030, an ambitious goal shared only by one other city in Europe (Copenhagen, DK).

It is amazing to see just how much has been accomplished.

The Rivas Ecopolis (Eco-City) initiative is the latest in our Smart+Connected Video series. In this series, we highlight the people, the communities, and their innovative use of technology to re-shape their future with environmental sustainability, connected government and practical modernization. With aggressive goals and projects started back in 2004, Rivas Spain has a thriving young community of 75,000 people with high expectations – to become a zero-emission city by 2030.

With the help of Cisco, Rivas has put in production the type of technology that is usually only found in proof of concept urban labs. Rivas is impressive not only by the diversity of technologies deployed (HVAC, lighting, Electricity, physical access, etc.), but also by the scale of it: thousands of sensors spread throughout tens of municipal building provide a total control of the environment, providing ecological sustainability, improved safety & security, ideal economic conditions.

Please enjoy and leave us a note in the comments – what do you think?

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  1. Hello, I try to open your video but removed

    • Sorry for the change! We had to re-post the video but the embedded one is correct now. Thank you for watching!


  2. Rivas is an outstanding example of what communities (of all types and sizes) should strive for. “Smart” cities are the future and may in fact be what saves the environment. Can you imagine the power of having New York-Ecopolis?

    • So true Russ! This is how it starts – so many more examples than this of course…but thanks for dropping a note!