Day 2 – Cisco, TechWiseTV and Interop in Vegas

May 10, 2012 - 0 Comments

For Day 2 we spent more time on stage than in front of the camera but we continued to dig up some very interesting stories, updates and another announcement!

Go here for the Day 1 recap and collection of great (IMHO) video.

Right off the bat – The NetFlow Next Generation Appliance

Jimmy Ray jumped at the chance to talk to Damien Lim about the new NetFlow Generation Appliance.  Watch it here then meet scroll on down or make the jump for more videos and links to the details!

 The NetFlow Generation Appliance (NGA) 3140 is targeted for Data Center deployments pricing detailed insight into network traffic for the purpose of resource optimization, application performance improvement, traffic accounting, and security needs.  Its a different approach to NetFlow Analysis allowing end to end network visibility.

Links for more info:

Product Info:


Nexus 1000v and Virtual Services

Prashant Ghandi and I got a chance to review how much has changed with the Nexus 1000v as it celebrates 3 years of opening new opportunities for allowing the network to restore capabilities to previously marooned virtual machines. Multiple hypervisor support, rich services and a large customer base are key to this conversation.

UPOE (Universal Power over Ethernet) and EnergyWise

It only makes sense that Power over Ethernet would have complimentary story lines with EnergyWise.  Rich Zavala is well known as THE demo master…he is always pushing the envelope building complex and very visual demos that help us all understand what is possible.  This demo is a great example of a complex demo that makes a trip to Interop (or wherever Rich is) is worth any trouble!

More information:


(oldie but goodie…one of our first Fundamentals covered EnergyWise)

More at

We did a whole show on EnergyWise not too long ago – here are the notes and the show itself.


VM-FEX – Virtual Machine Fabric Extender

Ravi Balakrishnan first introduced me to VM-FEX back in London at CiscoLive in 2011.

This is a great update showcasing how far we have come.

More info


Good Q&A covering Cisco’s stance on standards in this area with VN-Tag, IEEE 802.1Qbh and IEEE 802.1BR

We have one more day to go today.  Keep stopping by the booth and say hi! It has been fantastic catching with old friends…especially when we get updated on who works for what competitor these days.  Follow the show as always at

See you soon!


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