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- January 20, 2009 - 2 Comments

Corporate blogging sounds kinda like light beer to me. It is a safe way to look hip and cool without the risks. I blog on a few other non Cisco sites and I have rejected attempts to blog on a Corporate site because it just seems so phony. What would you (the reader) expect me a Cisco Corporate Employee to say on a Cisco sponsored blog site? Do you like lemon or grape kool aide? Credibility means a lot to me. Long after I am Jimmy Ray Purser Cisco Employee 230770, I will continue to be Jimmy Ray Purser, Engineer. I have always felt that a Corp blog would restrict me too much, so I have avoided them like a REAL Star Trek fan avoids Deep Space Nine. My answer has always been thanks but no thanks.But on this historic day in American history; “Change is Coming” We hired a cool media chick, Melissa whom y’all may never meet or know, but she is really something else (in a good way!). She is the real definition of a “Unsung Hero” in the Cisco social media frontier. I expressed my concerns about Corp blogging and I thought she would just go away and that would be that. Not Melissa. She’s a fellow Southerner, BBQ’er, Sweet Tea drinker and big time go getter when she believes in something, so needless to say, she did not go away or try to bribe me with chicken wings and beer. (which by the way, would have worked! I sell out for chicken wings and beer…) Nope, she came up with a blogging plan that allows me to have at it like I do on other sites. I had a major league, hmmmmm…. moment, but I trust her, so here I am typing my very first Corp blog. My stomach hurts…I plan on blogging around once a week here. You can expect me to focus on the testing I do here in my lab (The CodeCave ™ ) with various pieces of Cisco gear in a politically and grammatically incorrect fashion. I hope you enjoy it and most importantly comment and participate in this blog. I really want to call out that some of the best experiences I have had in my life, is when I had doubt, but trusted someones vision and took a leap of Faith…Catch me Melissa! Here I come!Jimmy Ray Purser

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  1. Jimmy Ray:The forced transparency of corporate blogging"" is where the magic is! For you and Cisco ;-)Everyone that I've met at CIN (especially Melissa) combines such incredible technical/business depth and a magnetic personality...I can't wait to see you all connect and help even more people than before!Pass the sweet tea!"

  2. Jimmy Ray--the ultimate geek star--I look forward to your entertaining and, more importantly, no-holds-bar tech reviews. You and Robb keep it eal"" for our customers and that is why this won't be ""your mama's"" corporate blog. Looking forward to what's cookin' in the CodeCave! Blog on!"