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May 20, 2010 - 0 Comments

Chris Kozup Reveals All

Welcome to the shownotes for today’s show on Cisco CleanAir. Once again, we have had the privilige of being involved in yet another leap-frog technology that Cisco has rolled out.  CleanAir represents one of the better examples of the evolution and development following good acquisition of both technology and talent.  In this case, taking the Cognio acquisition from a few years back and working to truly integrate it the capabilities of their spectrum analysis…not just because it may seem like a cool thing to do…but because it is the right thing to do.  The thing to watch for here is the network effect however.  The analysis and the response capabilities are extremely interesting and impressive but much of the true value is where this is applied in a distributed setting as a service on your network.  Mark this moment as another one where we will be able to look back and go ‘remember when?…’  Remember when the data set we worked with was NOT a normal and expected part of doing how you worked with your RF environment?  

Please check out Jimmy Ray’s impressions of CleanAir as he recently expressed in his Network World Blog…its not the fart scrubber he thought it was..

You can still register and watch the replay of the show if you missed it.

This particular show was not just about the CleanAir technology.  Where we are and we we are headed in the area of Secure Mobility is the real story.

Segment 1: Introducing Cisco Clean Air

Jennifer Geisler welcomes Chris Kozup as he reveals the latest breakthroughs in Cisco’s Wireless Access Points that now allow for a very dynamic ‘systems’ approach for identifying and responding to sources of interference.   Its Cisco CleanAir…the launch has happened the awards have been rolling in…  I highly recommend you check out the Cisco Mobility Blog for a number of great articles and updates on this technology as well as the other cool stuff they keep rolling out.

Access Point Wins Best of Interop 2010 Award
Cisco Aironet 3500 Series with CleanAir technology receives top honors in Interop’s Wireless and Mobility category.

Segment 2: Wireless Interference and Spectrum Interference

Jim Florwick

Wireless Engineering Expert Jim Florwick joins Jimmy Ray Purser in the lab as they illustrate various ways to disrupt a wireless network and reveal the three unique innovations Cisco has created in hardware for making them go away.

Extra Credit Reading!

Effects of Interference on WLANs
Farpoint Group describes the tangible impact of RF interference on performance.

Evaluating WLAN Interference
Farpoint Group provides best practices for evaluating RF interference.

Segment 3: Clean Air in Action

Jim Florwick

Real time granular identification and response to the air quality of a wireless network is demonstrated in detail with Wireless Expert Jim Florwick.

Check out Jimmy Ray’s Network World Blog on his first impression and subsequent learnings on Cisco CleanAir

Segment 4: Clean Air Deployment

Jim FLorwick Explains Cisco CleanAir

Wireless Mobility deployment is always the easiest thing to get wrong.  The advantages and the gotchas for deploying these new systems.


Jimmy Ray and I had talked for a long time around various ideas for how we could distill technical information we are covering in a more digestible fashion. These ‘Fundamentals’ are the result of us finally getting it done.  As simple as they are however, the work involved is anything but.  I truly enjoy getting to be the face of these but I always fear that this is mistakenly giving me too much credit.   As most of you already know, Jimmy Ray is a fantastic teacher and these all start with us agreeing to what topics we should tackle and then I wait.  JR toils away in his code cave drawing pictures, writing and re-writing and then he storyboards them so that we can review.  We tweak the heck out of the script and the pictures and then we turn them over to our secret weapon…Doug Bassett. Doug is one of our newest (in the last year) members of the team who does all the editing of these shows but I do feel he would truly rather be dealing with graphics and artistic endeavors if he had his druthers.   So the three of us go back and forth, we drag in a variety of Cisco engineers to verify that we are not veering too far of course once in awhile (we still work for the company….) and eventually we produce what you see below. As I write this, we have completed and published three of these.  We have a Data Center focused animation on OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization) in the works…but if interested, you can see and follow our progress on our YouTube channel.


Fundamentals of Cisco TrustSec:



Segment 5: Secure Mobility with AnyConnect

Matt Kaneko

Controlling mobile users and the company assets they need to get their work done has always been a challenge.  Matt Kaneko joins the team and shows how Cisco AnyConnect is changing the rules…in a good way.

More on Cisco AnyConnect


Cisco Newsroom features a bit more information on Cisco’s strategy ‘Security without Borders’ including a nice video testimonial from our friends at Baylor College of Medicine 


Huge thanks to Jim Florwick for all his work on this show – another OUTSTANDING engineer we got to meet.  He traveled in from the East Coast for our taping, dragged in a ton of equipment and simply worked his tail off to make sure we were able to do the best job possible with this. 

Chris Kozup has always kept us in the loop with great stuff coming out of his group and as always, he is one of the most succinct speakers we have had the pleasure of working with. Sangita Patel has been on our show before but for this one she was completely behind the scenes as the CleanAir product manager.  Thanks to her, we lacked for nothing in getting what we needed for this show. 

For the AnyConnect technology, Matt Kaneko was on camera of course but we also continue to get a ton of support from Kiran Sirupa on his team and look forward to more stories from them.


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Thanks again!  Let us know what you thought about this one in the comments below.



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