Cius: The Inside Story

November 18, 2011 - 0 Comments

I have to be honest and tell you that we did not approach this particular show with an attitude of ‘Yeah!  CIsco has a tablet.’  But I am still being honest when I say…that all changed.  This is that story.

What were we (Cisco) thinking?

Tablet makers have been throwing money at this iPad phenomenon trying to get a piece of the pie but have ALL failed!  HP has egg on their face with all their public blunders too numerous to recount here, the Avaya Flair (gotta love the office space flashbacks that brings up…) and they now claim they “we’re not stupid we’re innovators”. And here we are at Cisco.  Is it just a ‘me too’ move. Not at all.

In the same way that we can characterize much of Apple’s success as about what they ‘don’t’ try to do…Cisco is not trying to do this as a B to C play.  We are a B to B company solving issues that enterprise customers are grappling with. We have lots of answers for securely handling the BYOD phenomenon but this particular angle with our Cius is about an incredibly capable device that is provided and controlled by the enterprise.  Its good enough to make you want to grab for it…but because it can give you all the access you want as an employee…but without anyone having to turn a blind eye to flexibility, availability, integration or security.

As I mentioned..this show was an eye opener for us.  I went out of my way to get my hands on a Cius personally…and I am glad I did. In fact, we were so impressed by the video quality and ease of use…we have decided to implement this into our next studio upgrade for doing remote guest interviews. Our producer, Steve Ewertz, is a true video nerd with no patience for crummy quality of any sort..(even stuff I think look just fine) and he was surprisingly excited by this as well.

So how did we break this show down?

Jimmy Ray and I share our hopes and fears in the Key’s to the Show.

Cius on

Laura Powers puts Roberto De La Mora through the ringer with the very direct questions (yes, he is an iPad user just like me…)

I get to do an ‘Unboxing the Cius’ with our new Friend David Scott.

David Scott stays on for another segment, this time with Jimmy Ray as they test the bragged about capabilities such as multi-media and productivity integration.

LIVE VIA Cius from Cisco Richardson

Feedback Loop

From Gary in Dallas

I like to automate our processes with Cisco API’s. Is there a way I can write a Cius App using these API’s and put it in App HQ so I can use the Cius to manage my network?

Feedback Loop

From Gary in Dallas

The incredibly fun Larry Michalewicz shows us the flexibility of the Cius App Store

Larry Michalewicz

Cius App HQ

Article: Cisco Differentiates Cius Business Tablet with AppHQ Hosted Storefront

Build your first Cius App! Larry and Jimmy Ray did a very popular hands on workshop tailor made for those of you that like to ‘roll your own.’  Check it out!

David Scott returns for a security breakdown that not only covers software but the hardware aspects as well.

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