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Cisco VideoStream Demonstration

March 5, 2010 - 3 Comments

Jagadeesh talking about Cisco VideoStreamStreaming video over wireless has never been possible due to the challenges that Wi-Fi introduces.  Variable data rates, packet loss, multicast reliability issues, you name it.  Traditional Quality of Service just did not apply.  Notice that was in the past tense.  All of this now changes with the release of Cisco VideoStream.   

Jagadeesh Narayanaswamy (say that name 10 times fast!) joined us on set for one of our recent episodes…he was in that ranking of guests we love the most…the ones that drag out a bunch of equipment! 


Funny video the team had put out around this:

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  1. Hey Marcus, Can't give ya that one Dude! The real difference here is taking it out of the lab and putting into live deployments full of noise and clients. My experience with the Meru gear is that if I have interference especially @ 2.4GHz many Meru devices will not come online and return an annoying adio beacon stuck; hard resetting"" message. I am looking at a few things here; the Delay Factor (DF) and Media Loss Rate (MLR) along with client scalability.What makes the technology exclusive is the I am delivering true multicast to edge as close as possible without immediately converting multicast to unicast for more efficient delivery, yet creating a bottle neck at the AP. That is the real issue here to me, quality scalability. Jimmy Ray Purser"

  2. I'm a big fan of Cisco gear and think their VideoStream technology is a great advancement, but Jimmy Ray Purser says this is an exclusive"" and none of the competition is doing it. That's simply untrue. Ruckus and Meru both offer similar technologies, as do others. I can't validate whether Cisco's implementation performs better than the others, but identifying it as an ""exclusive"" feature is misleading to Jimmy's audience."

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