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Cisco Intercompany Media Engine Workshop

January 25, 2010 - 0 Comments

Hash TablesEven if you did not get a chance to watch our recent show on the Intercompany Media Engine, you should still check out the workshop Jimmy Ray is hosting this week on Wednesday, 10 to 11 AM PST!

Cisco’s Intercompany Media Engine provides companies with a convenient solution for migrating their business to business communication from the PSTN to the internet over any IP network, allowing for a richer user experience.

This workshop will explore details of the secure P2P network established among IME Servers, and also explain what the distributed hash table is used for, how it works, and the scale it provides.

We will also introduce the validation process, including an explanation of why validation is required, how it can fail, and what happens after a successful validation. A SIP extension known as the ticket verification header, which was introduced with this version of Cisco Intercompany Media Engine, will also be explored, along with the security mechanism that it provides.

These workshops are highly interactive and very educational. You will get a chance to ask questions, clarify, make of Jimmy Ray, etc. 

I highly reccomend you read some of these great blog entires for good background:

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Hakim and Jimmy Ray



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