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Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report Released

December 14, 2009 - 0 Comments

Announcing the Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report

Security never gets old – certainly not boring!  This report is always an interesting read as it the ‘business of security’ has never been better.  As it continues to morph however it is wise to stay on top of the changes.  Our good friend and repeat guest of the show, Pat Peterson, Cisco Fellow/Security Researcher, did a great little video overview here.  (I always enjoy Pat’s ability to simplify complex subjects)

Be sure and check out the CyberCrime Awards posted internally on the report – very interesting stuff.  See below for all the links

The report provides an insightful overview of the security threats and trends that occurred throughout the year amidst the shift to cloud computing and the rapid adoption of consumer devices and applications. It also includes the new Cisco Cybercrime Return on Investment Matrix, which tracks the performance of the underground online criminal marketplace, helping organizations understand the latest targets.

The information for the report was gathered and analyzed by the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO).

    •    Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report: Download the report and learn more about the current threat landscape. The short link is
    •    Cisco SIO External Site: This portal continues to be a valuable threat intelligence resource for the security community.
    •    Cisco Security Blog: Encourage your customers and partners join in on security conversations with the Cisco Security community in our Security Blog.

Bonus – watch our live episode taped at the RSA Security Conference last year, Pat Peterson was one of our guests: Crime Still Pays

What are your thoughts on this years report?

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