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Beyond the Virtualized Data Center

October 14, 2010 - 3 Comments

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Its interesting to now be talking about moving ‘beyond’ with regards to virtualization.  Its been such a hot topic with such a wealth of new technology-new problems that reveal themselves only to be addressed in creative ways.

Welcome to the shownotes for our latest Data Center focused show…this one is a deep dive around multiple new technology announcements.  If for some reason you are just now reading this and have not watched the show…I encourage to you to check it out right away…these notes make much more sense in the context of of our video…Heres the teaser to get you started…

So what are the most intriguing items covered in this one?

Lets start with the segmentation –

Segment 1: Keys to the Show

Omar begins the show with highlights of recent announcements about how Cisco approaches the data center.  The new terminology “Data Center Business Advantage” reflect a new maturity in the technology that not so long ago was deemed revolutionary.   One could argue quite effectively now that although development and innovation will continue at an aggressive pace, the ability to uniquely map how Cisco solves actual problems for customers can be made more clear.

Robb & Omar Kick it Off

Segment 2: Cisco Nexus 5500 Switch

Jimmy Ray analyzes the newest member of the Cisco Nexus family and shares his thoughts on what you need to know.

More info:

Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Product Page

Cisco Nexus 5o00 Data Sheet

Nexus 5548 Data Sheet

Jimmy Ray and the Nexus 5500

Nexus 5500 Close Up

Expansion Modules

Nexus 5548 Hardware Diagram

Packet Walking on the ASIC's

Multicast Packet Walk

5500 Hash Polynomial

Cisco Blog Post – Raising the Bar on Data Center Switching

Segment 3: Virtual Firewall

Jimmy Ray and I dive into the new Cisco Virtual Security Gateway for Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch, including how Cisco has brought the beauty of security zoning to unified computing.

Omar himself laid out a very nice explanation of the VSG following questions he and the team were getting at VMworld following Ed Bugnion’s un-veiling. Check out Security in a Virtual World.

Virtual Firewall

Cisco's Virtual Security Gateway

Jamey Heary also did a really nice write up on his Network World Blog for this Virtual Security Appliance

Segment 4: Unified Network Services

Prashant Gandhi, former CEO and cofounder of Rohati Networks, talks about Unified Network Services and the increasing importance of native interaction with the hypervisor

Prashant Gandhi expands our understanding of Unified Network Services

From Cisco on Unified Network Services

Unify the way application delivery and security services are provided in your data center network or computing environment with Cisco Unified Network Services.
This solution provides consistent and flexible services delivery using policy-based provisioning across:

  • Any service type: Improving application availability, security, acceleration and performance monitoring
  • Any form factor: Supporting network services on Cisco dedicated appliances, embedded modules, and VMware virtualized platforms
  • Any environment: Delivering services from network core or computing edge, or both

Segment 5: Virtual Desktop

Sumit Dhawan from Citrix shares some hands-on interaction with the latest VDI solutions when rolling out in conjunction with Cisco solutions.

Sumit Dhawan, VP for Citrix Desktop Solutions

Cisco Blog:  Cisco and Citrix Deliver a fresh take on Desktop Virtualization

How real is Desktop Virtualization this time?

Segment 6: Virtual Experience Infrastructure

This story is going to continue to grow and grow…so consider this segment to be the very beginning of things you will hear more about from us…we start with the VDI angle as Tom Guerrette highlights how Cisco is enabling it to succeed when it might have struggled in the past.

Tom Guerrette explains the Virtual Experience Infrastructure

Virtualization Strategies – VXI explained and expanded upon from the official site…

Segment 7:  Closing Thoughts

Omar, Robb, and Jimmy Ray review the details and the most important items shared throughout the show

The Data Center Gang

What questions remain?  Do we need to dive a bit deeper in particular area here?  Please let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks for watching!


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