Yves Hertoghs

Distinguished Consulting Engineer

Technology Architecture

Yves Hertoghs is a Distinguished Consulting Engineer, part of the Technology Architecture team in the Network Operating Systems Technology Group at Cisco Systems. Yves joined Cisco in 1996, first in the Customer Support organization, moving to Sales Consulting Engineering in 1999, and later on moving on to Technology Architecture in NOSTG.

At Cisco, Yves focuses on Next Generation Ethernet, with a special focus on Broadband Access and Aggregation, Carrier Ethernet and Datacenters.

Yves is a member of IEEE, the Metro Ethernet Forum and is actively participating in the Broadband Forum, where Ethernet has been a hot topic for years.

Being part of the development organisation, Yves is very heavily involved with various Cisco departments in the realm of Broadband , Carrier Ethernet and Converged and Enhanced Ethernet, aided by the feedback from customers, the Cisco sales force, and his focus on the industry fora and standards.

Yves owns a Master in Computer Engineering from the Technical University in Antwerp,Belgium.

In his free-time Yves plays quite loud guitar and writes, performs and records his own music.