Tony Harvey

Senior Product Manager

I’ve been in IT since leaving school. I started by converting American 110V power supplies for Z80 systems for use in the UK, and graduated to board level debugging on systems with a massive 16KB of memory.  I eventually moved to Compaq and worked in training, tech support and product management from the early days of the SystemPro all the way through to the HP BladeSystem, along with several mergers and a transfer to Houston, Texas from London.  With the growth of the x86 server market and the increase in power density of servers I became interested in the intersection of IT and Facilities and have since been focusing on power, cooling and energy efficiency issues that affect servers and datacenters.

I currently am part of the product management team for Cisco UCS where I drive our power and cooling strategy as well as product managing the UCS 5108 Chassis, the Cisco UCS Power Calculator and enabling NEBS support on our blade and rack mount servers.

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