Tomoyo Matsuno

Business Analyst

Japan Regional IT

Tomoyo is a Business Analyst in Japan Regional IT and a member of Client Experience team. Her team’s mission is to bridge the gap between the global IT service owners and end users in the region. Her team serves as the first mile of the global service owners by understanding how the changes and updates in the IT services would impact local users and representing local requirements and challenges. They also act as the last mile by communicating necessary information and conducting trainings in the local language and contexts to ensure a better user experience.

Prior to joining Cisco in 2008, Tomoyo worked as an IT Engineer at a Japanese bank where she designed and developed Foreign Exchange systems. Then she shifted her career to be an administrative professional supporting IT executives and teams in global enterprises. After joining Cisco, she built and is still running an information portal site for Japan executive assistants and received a company award at its launch in 2009. With her unique background, she has a strong connection and engagement with the local userbase and provides users perspectives to the IT service owners.

Tomoyo has a Bachelor of Education from Waseda University and lives in Tokyo, Japan.